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Tournament Spotlight

Thirty miles outside of Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains give our journey scale. We mark out the land on our NV. C ruise M orocco Chart as we travel inland, just for fun. Two days later we have driven over the Atlas mountains, into the Sahara, and back over the Atlas mountains. Relieved to find the boat exactly as we left it, untouched and awaiting our arrival. The following day was for preparing the boat for the next port.

Water, provisions, engine check, etc. Our presence seemed to be known by everyone upon our return from the desert. We awake to an old man trying to sell us a puppy. The next man tries to sell us a fishing line wrapped around half of a flip flop, with a rock tied to the end. Luke buys it for five euro.

A woman lingers beside our boat quietly, with beautiful eyes and a gracious smile. She waits until no one else is around, then cups her palms and holds them out. She wants money. I had none left. A cat comes and lays as close as it can to the edge of the cement wall. He purrs and stretches waiting for us to give him food. We do. The cat is happy and it leaves. A young man arrives and asks for clothes.

Oddly enough I had a bag of clothes I was trying to get rid of. I pass it over and he thanks us. The Harbor Master arrives and tells me I must come with him. He needs all new paperwork filled out because it had been one day longer than we said we would stay. I left Morocco inspired. Wide eyed. Feeling creative. It felt wild, colorful, and foreign. Gracious locals made us feel welcomed. Kids looked at us like celebrities. There were moments of being overwhelmed, as it seemed our appearance was associated with wealth.

And in comparison, we were. The simplicity of their lives was eye-opening, and their fascination with our western culture held strong. Depending on who you ask, this same experience may result in completely different explanations. As for mine, it was spectacular. Simon Day of the Benfield Greig Hazard Research Center in London is warning that the entire Eastern Seaboard could be inundated by a tidal wave almost feet in height. Swiss researchers created a model of the predicted event, and say it could cause a 2,foot wave to travel across the Atlantic at miles per hour, striking the Eastern Seaboard within 8 hours.

Stolen from the pages of Yachting World. For those of you who are a little confused about the new old? Suffice it to say, we have been trying for seven years to make the change. You will see a little difference in the graphics and quality, as when we created Cruising Outpost we were able to redesign and modernize the look of the magazine, which was started back in while we were sailing the world. Now we have once again been given the chance to bring the style up to date, as we once again get to use the name that started the whole genre of the cruising lifestyle magazine.

If you like it, tell your friends. This magazine is designed for the cruiser, be it on sailboats, power boats, or just a dream! They call it Sabbatical Sailing, and it is perfect for folks who are thinking about cruising off into the sunset. And the rates are a lot less than the weekly charters. This is perfect for people who want to see if the cruising lifestyle is right for them, without selling the family farm first. So, you can pick up a boat in the BVI, and sail to Trinidad through the best cruising grounds in the world, and then turn in the boat. Testing the waters of the cruising life has never been easier.

More at DreamYachtCharter. The idea continued to evolve as I realized the limited availability and high price at many marinas. I saw the potential for a modern, tech-friendly approach to listing and renting dock space and marina slips. Experts say global warming is wreaking havoc on Beneteau has confirmed its interest in the Magellanic penguins in South America. Neoline project for the transatlantic transportation Two separate studies have been published which of its boats. In a Neoline is developing a highly energy-efficient separate study, scientists say Magellanic penguins in transatlantic transport line with innovative cargo Argentina are being killed by global warming sailing ships specialized in rolling and oversized According to one of the projects, climate change is freight.

It is scheduled to start in There was also a special on the BBC showing the Emperor Penguins chicks are also dying due to warming, as the flow ice melts before the chicks are old enough to be on their own. The foot ship is now adrift off the coast of Ireland, its only passengers a horde of disease-ridden rats. Last February it was being towed from Canada to the Dominican Republic when the line between the vessels broke. Canadian authorities did not take it to port, however.

Instead, it towed the Orlova beyond Canadian waters and let it drift out to sea. Maritime law!! Island Packet Refit Specialists www. After snorkeling to the spot and climbing to investigate, Lindblad and Hettermann saw something that shocked them both—a mass of fishing net so dense that it could not be budged, an amalgamation of fishing and cargo nets, buoys, and other plastic trash. They estimated it to weigh to pounds and be about 30 feet in length.

To desire nothing beyond what you have is surely happiness. Aboard a boat, it is frequently possible to achieve just that. That is why sailing is way of life, one of the finest of lives. Carleton Mitchell. Whether your watermaker is being used for short weekends away or serious expeditions to the Antarctic, you can be confident in the reliability of a Rainman system, being free of electronics and using simple pumps.

See website for details. It all starts July 14th, and includes concerts by Eric along the way. This looks like so much fun We just might want to go along on this musical voyage! Get the latest online here: CatamaranConcerts. In we had a great idea: build a seaworthy yacht with a strong committment to value.

For the past 43 years we have embraced that idea and added plenty of new ones. Today we have 12 models, six cat-rigged sailboats, five sloop-rigged sailboats and one power launch. Tell us your dreams and ideas. Exempted fishing permits, or EFPs now allow NOAA Fisheries to temporarily exempt certain vessels from fishing restrictions to test new fishing gear or methods. The trial period also helps NOAA Fisheries determine whether to adopt these changes on a larger scale and create new regulations based on the results.

The test has allowed the fleets to catch almost million pounds of fish in while still protecting salmon and other species. Philippe Briand has unveiled the latest sailing yacht concept to come from his London-based design studio: the foot sailboat with a traditional sailing rig. The 1,ton ketch was created to outperform other sailing megayachts on the water Unlike the growing number of sailing megayachts that are effectively motor-yachts with sails, the SY is a sailboat in all aspects.

Her hydrodynamic efficiency means more power could be harnessed through underwater turbines to charge the batteries on board. In the best conditions a maximum speed over 20 knots would be reached. People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. Analysis of the U. Production was up 6. Unisex sizing they run a little large.

Protect against sun and wind. Very comfortable. It is held at the Messe Center, with over 2. We have been lucky enough to visit this show for two years. Wanna go? We are working with the folks at boot to bring more of a US presence to the show. If you are interested in visiting boot, which runs from January 18th to the 26th, send an email to: bob LatsAtts. If there is enough interest we will try to put a group together to see the show. Over 2,, sq, ft. We have arranged for a group hotel where we will all stay, in the heart of Beautiful Dusseldorf.

We will be there for opening day, and our group will be greeted by a member of thr staff, who will answer questions and help us get the most out of our visit. The show has provided us with a travel agent to help book flights, and have reseved rooms for us as well. Catalina Yachts is one of the largest boat manufacturers in the world, with over 60, boats manufactured to date. Frank was honored by the marine industry a few years back as the man who created the 1-selling sailboat line in the world. They helped create the cruising lifestyle!

Davis Instruments is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It has evolved from a marine accessories company into a major provider of weather instrumentation. In the early years, they offered just thirteen products. Today, Davis manufactures and sells hundreds of items, all offering unique solutions to everyday problems. Happy Anniversary! Sailrite started back in after founders Jim and Connie Grant took an interest in building their own sails. Jim, a college professor, had begun selling a correspondence course on sailmaking. These courses were the beginning of Sailrite; the rest, they say, is history.

Today, Sailrite is owned and operated by the second-generation of the Grant family, Matt and Hallie Grant. Duty AB on routine rounds noticed the robbers near the cargo tank and notified the officer on watch. The alarm was raised, PA announcement made, and the crew mustered. Hearing the alarm and seeing the crew alertness, the robbers jumped overboard along with their hose and escaped in their boat. The incident was reported to a naval patrol boat.

Nothing was reported as stolen. Hearing that the crew was alerted, the robber escaped. April 21, at UTC - nautical miles southeast of Mogadishu, Somalia: A fishing vessel underway was approached by two suspicious small boats. The captain noticed the boats and raised the alarm. Other nearby fishing vessels responded and chased the suspicious boats away.

April 19, - Buenaventura Channel, Colombia: A boat with eight to ten people onboard approached a container ship under pilotage which they attempted to board via the rigged pilot ladder. Duty lookout noticed the boat and raised the alarm. Crew mustered near the pilot ladder resulting in the boat aborting and moving away. More than just a reliable engine This past February, I agreed to deliver a boat from Georgia to the Abacos in the Bahamas, and immediately regretted the commitment.

It was a very wintry winter. Even down that far south, the week before we were supposed to leave was frigid, snowing, raining, miserable. Bleak forecasts showed nothing but strong winds bucking the Gulf Stream currents. The season and prevailing winds were everything cruising guides and conventional wisdom counseled against before this passage. Nevertheless, we booked flights down for a Sunday, prepared to wait for a decent weather window for as long as necessary until we ran out of time.

All we needed was a little luck. Was it really just luck, or did my own decisions and actions not have something to do with the outcomes? Setting sail for a passage on a Friday, for example, is supposed to be a poor idea. Would doing so actually bring bad luck? Depends on how the trip goes, of course. The first night out on this day-long sail from Tahiti to Samoa, my ear started aching, and it was painful enough the next day that if I had still been ashore, a doctor surely would have been visited. Then, I would have also heard about the low-pressure system lurking to the west and would have waited for a fairer forecast.

Instead, I had the earache, gobbled up aspirin, used some expired eardrops, and got bounced around by strong headwinds for a couple of days, during which a bottle of bright red and terribly sticky grenadine syrup fell and cracked on the cabin sole, and the two cats I had aboard refused to go out into the cockpit to use their kitty litter.

When the front passed and the trade winds filled back in, I fell and did something to my wrist. Fortunately, the winds held true and steady for several days and not much sail changing had to happen as it got better. Next, I was on my berth, staring at the chart on my lap, as I often did, as if that would make the miles tick by any faster.

With the names and locations of South Pacific islands getting seared into my brain, I scratched my head, also as I often did, and this time, a little bug fell onto the white chart surface and hit the ground running. Oh no! Could I have survived the New York City public school system without ever catching lice, only to find myself infested while stuck on a small boat on the other side of the world? The promise of loads of laundry and public showers awaiting ashore, with all the shame and secrecy of the stinky medicinal shampoos and nobody to help run that comb through my hair to gather the nits was totally depressing.

Finally, the last night before landfall, a rotten egg fell from the food hammock and cracked on my bunk. I decided this had all happened because I left on a Friday. The misery had been totally avoidable, and I vowed it would never happen again. Soon after this, I met a sailor of the French persuasion who eventually became my husband, father to my sons, and ex-husband—a whole other story.

For nearly a year, we sailed the same itinerary, making decisions together about when to head back out to sea from each landfall on our separate boats. My reluctance to leave on vendredi French for Friday was met with derision. Who ever heard of such a silly thing?

The Friday superstition is an Anglo thing, not shared by the French. Upon her return to Manhattan in November , Tania had visited 23 countries and sailed 27, miles. The vendredi problem is probably loosely connected to Jesus being crucified on a Friday and a couple of famous ships that were lost at sea or wrecked after leaving on this ill-omened day. As for rabbits being unlucky, apparently, the devil has been known to disguise himself as one.

So, inevitably, the day came when leaving the Suez Canal on a Friday made sense. This could only bring good luck, right? Mais non.

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That night, as the abridged version of the story goes, we got hit by a ship. The damage ended up being repairable and I was fine, but boy was I shaken up. It has been a great tale to tell in the decades since, but at the time, there was nothing fun about it, whatsoever; nor did I feel the least bit lucky. I came out of it determined to never again leave on a Friday. I was twenty years old.

And, as luck would have it, the weather turned during the night we boarded, opening the perfect window for Monday morning. We hurriedly provisioned and took off into the most glorious conditions of calm sunshine and relative warmth that carried us south along the Florida coast, through two brilliant days and star-filled nights, and across the Gulf Stream to Grand Bahama Bank and the Abacos.

For three days, we anchorage hopped in t-shirts down the chain to Marsh Harbor and caught the flight home just as the weather turned back to awful again. That was pure luck. Clean Fuel! More than just a filter, the New Keenan Filter System gives you all the tools needed to keep your fuel system clean and solve any problems no matter your location.

It even works as a backup fuel pump if needed. Is Your Fuel Keenan Clean? Thinking About an Upgrade? This was it, we were going to Panama! While cleaning our boat at the courtesy dock in Newport Beach, California, a couple came up to us after she noticed our Hawaiian flag. We swapped stories about Hawaii and discussed our sailing plans for Mexico and the South Pacific.

Bocas del Toro, Panama keeps getting better and better as a destination for cruisers. Because of the positions of these islas, an inland sea is formed where one can experience rollicking sailing, but with waves that are only about waist-high. Scattered throughout the area are pristine reefs, a hundred empty bays just waitin Rene Yapg for an anchor, and hilly terrain to contrast with all of the mangroves.

And for a backdrop you have mighty mountains. This is the same chain that stretches all the way from Alaska to Cape Horn. Wandering around this spectacular terrain are wild parrots, sloths, rainbow-colored frogs, toucans, and surfers. Although that is a joke, the waves are not. Some of the top surfers from around the world drop in regularly.

Onshore, you can find a good selection of basic food, hardware, and pharmacy items. And for less basic but equally vital needs, there is an amazing selection of bars and restaurants. The latest additions include a sushi bar, an Argentinian-style steak house, and a tequila specialty bar with a rubberized floor. Just kidding. My particular favorite is the new floating bar. It is moored within rowing distance of where I am writing this.

Of course, I only visited it to research this article. Besides the plethora an old, Royal Navy term, I believe of empty anchorages there are also three nice marinas to choose from. My fave is Bocas Marina, which is adjacent to town. It has a great bar and restaurant, friendly bilingual staff, spectacularly clean showers, floating docks, laundry service, reliable electricity, water, and FREE WI-FI. They also host swap meets on a regular basis as well as potlucks. It is so appealing that many folks have been happily hunkered down here for years.

So, with all of these great features, you can understand how Bocas del Toro has become the proverbial Velcro Port. It is very tough to pull yourself away from it! She told us we would find beautiful remote islands in Panama, places where we could get lost for years. That seemed interesting, we thought. We quickly learned that our cruising plans were made in sand, meaning our cruising plans are now changed. The Islas de las Perlas are 35 miles from Panama City and accessible by a ferry, small plane, or private boat.

Islas de las Perlas, which consist of over islands, received their name when the Spanish Conquistadors robbed a large number of pearls from the indigenous King Toe. Most of the islands are uninhabited. Cruisers usually spend only a few weeks here before jumping off to the Galapagos or the Marquesas, making a misadventure in my opinion.

We provisioned Xenia before arriving. Provisions are hard to come by, and having water or the ability to make water is crucial and not easily accessible. We arrived in December during the dry season, which lasts until April, the best time to cruise these grounds. The tides are huge and can vary up w w w. Featuring a dynamic ecosystem and marine and bird sanctuary, Isla Contadora is one of the most developed islands in the chain. The snorkeling visibility varies during this time of year as the water temperature cools. From June to September the. Panama is one of the few places that humpback whales migrate to from the north and south poles looking to breed and then birth their calves.

Coral Dreams Tours has been on the island for many years and the employess have vast knowledge of these islands for anyone wanting to take their snorkeling, whale watching, or island tours. Also on the island is a walking tour company. Flights arrive and depart daily at the small airport. Weekends are mostly busy and you will see. During the holidays and New Years Eve there were over yachts and fireworks that lasted well over 30 minutes. It was an incredible sight to see and experience. Depending on the weather, you can anchor on the south or north side of the island.

Going around the island takes approximately 40 minutes by boat. The homes on the island range from small to elegant and are often available for rent. This is where the wealthy Panamanians have their vacation homes. Once on the island, you have two tiendas, a few lovely restaurants, a bar, and quaint hotels. Historically, only one tropical storm ever made it to the shore, with winds of only 30 knots. The Coriolis effect and the protection of the Colombian Mountains keep us wellprotected down here at 9 degrees south.

Hurricanes do affect our weather: if there is a storm in the Caribbean, we get beautiful sunny days with a nice breeze from the West. No hurricane. Then we have our normal rainy season weather: sunny morning, rain from 2 p. There are a few anchorages that should be chosen with care. Most notable is Portobello, where the occasional storms from the West, normally predicted well in advance, can make life uncomfortable but not untenable.

This is a great place to stretch your boat legs. And luckily, dinghy landings are easy. Isla Chapera is well-known as the site where the Survivor television series was filmed. The beautiful anchorage has great snorkeling and amazing sunsets. In the evening often you will have the anchorage to yourself. Then there are the small cruising islands of Bayoneta, Casaya, or Ampon. There are great marinas and plenty of beautiful anchorages.

If you are a cruiser with a selfsufficient boat, who likes adventure and being on the hook in remote islands, then I encourage you to visit Las Perlas and get lost. The tribe has spoken! Aside from being a great place to cruise, the fact that Panama is basically outside the hurricane belt makes it the perfect place for people who want a nice place to cruise during hurricane season in the Caribbean.

Ready to get your cruising life started?

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With service locations in New England and the British Virgin Islands, we offer a full complement of refit and supporting services, and are known for producing high-quality work and providing first-class customer service. Want switching to go with your lights? Want to add USB charging inside your boat? See all our special insider deals at www. Unbeatable customer service, too. Contact Imtra today for recommendations on the best solutions for your boat. Call We put on a Share The Sail every year. We organized it to help bring people back to the BVI to show the world the islands were once again open for business after the horrific hurricanes that smashed them two years ago.

Our group staggered in from all over the world over the period of about four days. While we waited for our fellow cruisers, Jody and I were lucky enough to have our very good friends Tommy and Sharon Brownell cruising the area on their beautiful Hylas 54, Distant Star. Like good friends, they offered us a place to stay as we awaited the day of boarding the boats. For a couple days we sailed over to Norman Island and acted as if we were leisurely cruisers, all the time putting out fires for the upcoming event.

You may not believe it, but organizing ten boats for seven days can be a fulltime job! About twenty people gathered to help her celebrate the day. It was a beautiful night, with perfect weather, and a lot of good friends! On the day we were to board the boats, people gathered at Scrub Island, about a mile off of Tortola. Then the difficult part started.

The provisions had all been ordered and were to be aboard and stowed by p. By p. Then, the crew of the Drew Boat noticed a couple of Boston Whalers loaded with boxes of supplies tied to one of the docks. They were our supplies. Only God knows how long they had been sitting there. Bedlam ensued as we tried to decipher what boxes went to which boats. Once the boxes had been settled, a few small discrepancies popped up, like the full complement of food for the boat that had a family with a young child consisted of potato chips, bread, and beer.

Lots of beer. In all, it turned out that about one-third of the food ordered was not there. Little things were missing, like the 18 gallons of drinking water for the Bob Boat, which had 11 people on board. In the morning, about half an hour after the briefing, another boat from RiteWay on Tortola showed up, with more of our provisions. Island time, right? The voyage was then on. The weather was as perfect as it could get, and there were even open moorings! The new system there is you cannot land a dinghy on the beach, but rather have to tie your dinghy to the buoy line and swim yards to shore.

The Baths are one of the most beautiful areas of the BVI. Huge granite boulders lay jumbled on the beach, creating caves and small, private beaches. The feeling of paradise was quickly lost when we started hearing an alarm go off on the Bob Boat. The search was on. The base on Scrub Island sent out a couple guys who eventually found an overheating solenoid under one of the berths.

After about an hour, people returned to the boats. We decided to motor around to the north and into North Sound. When the Bob Boat arrived, Tommy Brownell was there waiting for us. He then introduced us to a very interesting guy. His name is Gumption, and he is an entrepreneur who runs a glass bottom boat. So Branson loaned him enough money to buy a proper boat. Over the next couple years he ran his glass bottom boat tours, and paid him back in full.

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  • Branson was so impressed that he gave him access to Necker Island for his tours. He is the only one authorized to access Necker and the zoo, etc. Most of our crew jumped into his tour boat and he took them on a quick tour, showing them turtles and all the sea life in the area. It was most. You can look him up on Facebook. His name is Gumption. Great tour! Soon we had a little Superbowl party to get to. Six additional boats joined our four-boat flotilla, and we had about 90 people for the party. To ensure our viewing pleasure, they set up a large screen a bedsheet between two poles and a projector for the game.

    It seemed they had a connectivity problem, and there was almost a mutiny. But, just as the game started, they got it figured out. The outcome of the game was good for the majority of the cruisers that were there, as most were from the East Coast! That night was beautiful. After the game, people gathered on their boats, watching the stars, and just enjoying the great weather. We were loving it. Rumor had it there was a Polar Vortex or something like that back home, and most of the U. In the morning, most of the boats headed out for our next stop, Anegada. It was a mile sail, with light winds and calm seas.

    Of course on the Bob Boat, we had a little adventure. This was a little odd, as we had been running the generator and charging a lot in the evening. And of course, this happened the morning before we were to get started. We then found out that on this particular boat, they had removed the charger for some maintenance. Once again we awaited the arrival of our friends from the Dream Yacht Charter base.

    They found that a cable between the battery and the alternator was cut, and the battery was as dead as a sail-cat on Highway They replaced the battery and once again we were on our way. Perfect weather, energy and youth! So there are hundreds of Beach on the North Shore. The waters are clear and calm, and the white sand beach stretches for Anegada Reef, where we had a party arranged for that evening, with Isabella miles without anything to interfere with Stefania and Eric Stone live on stage.

    The Cow Wreck Bar and Grill serves Isabella and her family are sailing with us on the Bob Boat, while Eric Stone and his friend up some great burgers, lobster fritters, and conch ceviche. The afternoon was spent swimming, Gary Haas were skippering another boat. Perfect weather, and the folks at the Anegada Reef. Hotel had set up tables for the almost 90 people in the anchor by hand. That was some real adult fun, our group. Each table was set for each boat, and right? Most definitely NOT!

    Then, at it had been tripped. They were great! Another When it came time for dinner oops! It seems that not only was there they joined us at the tables, and a no power to the windlass, there was disc jockey took over. After dinner the also no power to the winches. Everyone was up and the conga line Island, and see what could be done. It was there we learned about the lockBeing true cruisers, the party ended out switch!

    It party, and others to get some sleep. As our boat was a sixheaded over to The Big Bamboo for some snorkeling cabin boat with six heads Some of the best snorkeling on see where this was heading, right? After less than half an hour, most of the We spent the day enjoying the cruising lifestyle. The folks at Dream Yachts were In the morning it was time to head for Jost on top of it right away!

    Birthdays: March 27 - IMDb

    Van Dyke for another party. I know, party, party, party. We motored around to Monkey Point for some What could go wrong? Monkey Point is one of our favorite spots The answer to that question was answered in the islands. The water is crystal clear, and it is when we hit the windlass button to raise the anchor. As we left we hoisted the sails, and had a No power to the windlass. After a few minutes great two-hour sail to Jost Van Dyke, sailing right past spent searching once again for the problem, we Sandy Cay, which has to be one of the most beautiful did what most cruisers do.

    We gave up and hoisted little islands in the world. So, we found a good place to drop a hook and backed down to end up right next to Distant Star and Avocation, two boats that were part of our flotilla. A party was planned for the evening at Corsairs which is run by an old friend, Vinnie. Vinnie was actually in Colorado that evening, celebrating his 40th Anniversary of Rocky Mountain Harley-Davidson his other business , but his girlfriend Lori took charge and made everyone feel right at home!

    The Eric Stone band along with Gary Haas set up the sound equipment, and around p. Corsairs is located right on the beach in Jost Van Dyke, and soon people gathered to listen to some great sounds and do what cruisers do. The music played all evening, and there could not have been a better atmosphere. Our crew was back aboard to head across the channel to Cane Garden Bay about p. Party that evening. Together, they have created a great place for boaters to hang out, building a beautiful bar, right on the beach, with a stage for entertainment. As our crews started to drift in they put out a large pupu platter loaded with a selection of jerked chicken, jerked pork, chicken wings, and some great fish fingers.

    Who knew fish had fingers??? At about p. Eric Stone took the stage and the entertainment started. He would play for awhile, then Isabella Stefania would take the stage. Everyone was having a great time. But, back to the story. So, the next day dawned as an almost perfect day again! Fortyfive minutes later the islands are pretty close together we entered an almost empty White Bay.

    We wiggled our way in, dropped our hook, and the fun began! We spent about half the day swimming and just plain enjoying the view, and then it was time to start the boogie back towards the charter base on Scrub Island. It was a motor right into the wind. That evening, people cooked up what food they had left from the voyage, and boat-hopped, visiting the other boats from the Share The Sail adventure.

    Jody and I figured this was about the 20th year we had been doing the Share The Sail Adventures, and we had people on this event that had been on the very first one, and others who had been joined us for as many as four previous events. This one will go down as one of the best! Oh yeah, and the British Virgin Islands are back, and as beautiful as ever! They are BVI Strong! Experienced sailors know the added safety that comes with good sailing performance. The Oceanis This new model is comfortable, easy to sail, and easy to handle. Above deck, she features a large cockpit and deluxe table to accommodate friends and family and double wheels that make sailing a breeze.

    The running rigging is led aft to well-placed winches, allowing the skipper to sail single-handedly. There are a number of layouts, depending on whether your preference is cruising, racing, or setting sail with the whole family. However, there are options for up to 5 cabins and a taller mast for racing. Beneteau O ceanis The boat features a dual-helm position to offer the best line-of-sight forward making her an ideal choice for those new to multihull cruising.

    The wide saloon is a spacious living area with large windows and fully-retractable glass doors to the aft. With an open galley, this Cat is well-suited to socializing and family living. The attention to detail allows living space to be maximized. These Cats give you strength as well as performance and are available from 50 to 90 feet. Perfect for cruising! The bow has a plumb design to increase the amount of useable space in the staterooms and has plenty of storage.

    A near walk-around queen in the master makes this a nice master stateroom. The hull design allows for higher top-end speed and excellent fuel economy. For those looking for a comfortable power cruiser, this could be the answer. By: Lea Ann Rock. We began our life afloat on an Island Packet 40, Faith. Year after year we reviewed how things were going. Inevitably, we would decide to cruise her for one more year. What about a walk around bed? I think a back deck with a swim platform would be super. Do you like the look of an arch? What about solar and wind on the arch? The boatyards were the toughest part of the search.

    The boats were usually covered in canvas. You reached the bunny hole only after climbing a ladder extended to some deathdefying height. Inside, you usually found a dark, damp, smelly mess. Note to self: never try to sell a boat in a boatyard. The offering price decreases with each rung of the ladder a buyer has to climb.

    There were several boats we wanted to view in the Ft. Lauderdale area. We continued to think about the older Tayana 48 we had seen. We made a list of all the upgrades needed and presented them to the broker with a verbal offer. The owner was offended and told us to not even think of putting it in w w w.

    Funny thing, the boat eventually sold for the price we offered One day, Scott called about a new listing his company had signed. We learned the deal had fallen through and she was back on the market. We made an offer that day on Scarlett, and a commitment to transform her into our perfect cruising boat. We addressed all the items on the survey and then moved Scarlett to a marina in Ft.

    She, like many boats of her age, had Grunnert volt refrigeration. We did not want to remove this working system, but wanted to enhance our refrigeration with a volt Frigoboat system. This was the first step in making our boat more of a cruiser. The volt system would be much more transparent at anchor. And anchor is where we wanted this beautiful boat to live. The custom refrigeration has been brilliant. Our volt refrigerator and volt freezer run with minimal power consumption.

    The Frigoboat systems were placed in the galley behind the cabinet drawers. The location is innocuous, quiet, and easy to access if necessary. When running the diesel generator, David turns on. This freezes the plates and takes the stress off the volt system. If either system fails, then we have a back-up. After our month in Ft. Lauderdale, we moved Scarlett to Stuart, Florida.

    Stuart is the home of Mack Sails, and they are an outstanding company. Colin Mack came to. He was excited by our desire to create an exceptional cruising boat. He was more than able to do all of these items and was ready to leave and create our formal quote. Scarlett had a foot mast with an in-mast furling mainsail. I know, many people deal successfully with tall rigs. Many people love in-mast furling. In our case, we always sail with just the two of us. Our only crew is Gypsy, the boat dog. I needed to feel comfortable with our rig. In an emergency, I might be the person responsible for dropping the main sail quickly or dealing with a man-overboard situation or any other scenario.

    A full-batten main could be raised with our electric winch and lowered into a stack pack. A slightly shorter rig would allow us to make inshore runs on the Intercoastal Waterway ICW whenever weather was less than ideal offshore. Also, we would not have to wait at bridges for the tide to go out, thus allowing room to clear the bridge. I asked Colin about our options with the rig. He said we could cut the mast and then add a track to convert the in-mast to a traditional rig, but this was not an ideal situation. Our boat was outside the size limit for the mast track and our rigging was 13 years old.

    Colin proposed selling our rig and getting an entirely new rig. I guess it would have been appropriate to let him know what I was thinking of doing. Colin got back to us the next day with some super news. He had a customer with a need for an entire rig The customer would buy our rig! He gave us a quote. We were in the game. The rig was taken off, the lifelines removed and our beautiful boat looked like a floating cigar in her slip.

    Colin let us know we had crossed the threshold and were now family. This family relationship can be obtained by one and all when you spend as much money as we did on our boat project. The last Mack Sail employee stepped off Nomad and we pulled out of the slip headed for the Bahamas. It has been a dream life ever since. Tayana 48s are semi-custom boats. Each one we have stepped aboard has a different layout. Tayana lowered the floor to give our friend the clearance he needed in the galley area. Some have chairs in the salon and some have multiple sitting areas.

    The sleeping arrangements can be 2 cabins or 3 cabins. They all have high-quality woodwork and an outstanding ability to sail. Nomad has a very usable layout. Forward, we have a large v-berth with a lot of storage. The storage is under the v-berth, closet, dresser, and cabinets. David stores most boat spares under the v-berth. This is also an excellent place to store all the bumpers. Next is a huge head.

    Featured on RT

    The separate shower has an over-head window which allows for proper ventilation while on the hook. When at a marina, the front air conditioner handles drying the shower area. Across from the head is a large closet. The prior owner converted this into a mechanical room. It is an outstanding location for the watermaker. We still use it for storage, but it is predominately a mechanical room.

    Our salon is one of the largest layouts available in the Tayana We have two large settees, a table that opens for larger groups, and a very usable navigation desk area. There is access to the engine from the salon, galley, and aft head. The diesel generator is in a. Having great access makes life much happier for the captain. The long galley has always been my dream. I spent years on my Island Packet 40 cooking in very small quarters.

    Now, I finally have all the kitchen room I could ever need. I love my Force 10 propane stove and my electric microwave. The separate refrigerator and freezer are large and easy to load and unload. The aft state-room has two settees, a walk-around queen bed, and plenty of storage in dressers, cabinets and closets. Attached to this beautiful room is the large aft head.

    Outside, I love the new lifelines. I have never been a fan of coated lifelines. I want to see a problem and not find out the hard way. We had a friend fall off his sailboat due to corrosion which was hidden by the coated lifelines. He grabbed his lifeline and boom Luckily, he only got wet and was quickly back on his boat. Our aft deck is very large.

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    It makes moving provisions from the dinghy to boat super easy. Our outside control center is the custom stainless steel arch. It houses our wind generator, solar panel, and AIS antenna. Our arch has retractable davit arms which extend past the swim platform. This makes deploying the dinghy very easy. It also allows for the dinghy to ride very close and snug to the back of the boat during crossings. Each night at anchor, the captain raises the dinghy and engine. South Korea. Japan Highroller Festival 5 , Incheon. San Marino. Maryland State Poker Championship , Hanover.

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    Live Reporting

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    Turbo News #27 (Summer 1997) Turbo News #27 (Summer 1997)
    Turbo News #27 (Summer 1997) Turbo News #27 (Summer 1997)
    Turbo News #27 (Summer 1997) Turbo News #27 (Summer 1997)
    Turbo News #27 (Summer 1997) Turbo News #27 (Summer 1997)
    Turbo News #27 (Summer 1997) Turbo News #27 (Summer 1997)
    Turbo News #27 (Summer 1997) Turbo News #27 (Summer 1997)
    Turbo News #27 (Summer 1997) Turbo News #27 (Summer 1997)
    Turbo News #27 (Summer 1997) Turbo News #27 (Summer 1997)

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