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When I Met Martin Luther King, Jr.

Beautiful community. Friendly neighborhood. For sure! I have the app for the 5 dollar deal to remind to go. Walmart there is one oneach side of town. I would love to give a shout out to Fruitland Hardware. I am disabled and live alone. Steve helps me anytime I have a question or need anything. In the piedmont. Open Saturdays 11 AM until sold out and he certainly does sell out. On Instagram mountainwestplumbing Here for all your plumbing needs. North Fork Vet Clinic is by far the best vet in the area.

My entire family has used them for over 20 years. He has cut down to 4 days a week , usually. I have even called him at home once when I was very concerned that no one had called about my dog on a Sat. He met me at the clinic after hours to I could pick her up. My daughter fought with her dog Lucy to control her diabetes for 5 long years, which is really unheard of for a large dog. Currently, my other daughter has a rescued husky who keeps having blood count issues. The whole staff have been wonderful with us. They have something for everyone!

Announcing Your 12222 Neighborhood Favorite Businesses!

They sell tools and every kind of items that you might need. They have numerous brands of jeans, tops, jackets, etc. Fantastic store! I like Countryside Physical Therapy They are really a cut above! They are professional , friendly and very helpful and encouraging. Take Me There Transportation Service is the best! Number 1!! I have been traveling for 36 years, taking a lot of car services, Take Me There is the best, reliable, affordable. Thank you Take Me There! I did not see one but would like to see there flower arrangements for future orders.

I am loving everything the quiet, the lake and loving the wild life. October 21 preview night Oct 22 shop all day and additional luncheon Hanks. If I can be of service feel free in contacting me. Mike is super dependable and does great work for reasonable price. Also can do home repairs. Apparently, my lawn service has gone out of business phone disconnected. Can anyone recommend a good one?

I have an LLC, I carry work comp, gen liability and commercial auto insurance. My name is Shane and is If you need someone give me a shout. Thanks, Shane, I think we may have a few handyman jobs coming up. Do you charge by the hour or by the job? I just always assume on nextdoor that the people are in Lake City, but I see that that is not necessarily true. Please let me know where you are located. We had our house power washed by Long Island Homeowner Services. The job was done timely and professionally. Greg was polite and we would definitely recommend him.

Aspire Colorado is making local wellness products in refillable containers, to provide a way to reduce once-through plastic on things we use every day. They have tooth powder, deodorant, lotion bars and even liquid all-purpose soap. They are hosting recycling boxes for hard-to-recycle plastics that align with their products, such as toothpaste tubes, tooth brushes, razors, razor blades, pens, mechanical pencils and felt-tipped pens.

The boxes are in front of the business outside, where any neighbor can drop their items, and learn more about how they can reduce once-through plastic waste. Located at Ford Street in Golden, a home business. I want to be able to vote for a band. So we will say entertainment. I wanted to do it last year and there was not an option and I have not seen that this year either.

Lighthouse for the Visually Impaired and Blind is my favorite Nextdoor shout out! Lighthouse provides FREE classes and training for people who are losing their vision and need help adjusting to vision loss. We even provide free transportation to our facility. We serve Citrus, Hernando and Pasco. We are here to help. My fave business around my neighborhood is the Country Cafe — always good food and friendly service. My favorite place in Wedgwood is QFC. They kept the neighborhood feel and traditions Matthews had and are just as friendly!

It is so easy to run over there, eapecially when I need something quick! I recently moved to Washington from Texas in search of better jobs and better opportunities for my 7yr old daughter. Could you help me? If you could post that for mr, I would be grateful. Would like to nominate Pat Miller Specialty Shop who is now sponsoring a raffle for the Greyeffect foundation a non-profit who supports new mothers with information about SIDS death for babies. It also provides a foot monitor for the baby as an alarm to the family — Drawing is for a custom made outdoor table.

Will be drawn on Labor Day. In fact, I purchased all Christmas gifts last year from them and plan to do so again this year. Posted Professional Guitar Lessons on this site. OMG- good treat and I will be going back. Would recommend a tet-a-tet set outside to wait when the lines are longer. Friendly people with patience while their customers gaze the bakery.

I will look for a table if this business is interested. I dont have a photo but Functional Therapy is the best in Town!

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They have the most modern equipment in town! The only one in the state with this equipment! I have been going for several weeks now and they have helped me soooo much! Scolosis in my back! They have done wonders! Located at Fern ave. Scoop deville is my favorite. The new Indian restaurant on east South south in the old cafe rio location Very clean. Very good food.

Girl Next Door

The owners are friendly. I am also getting RF Treatments to reduce belly fat which is amazingly effective. I have wonderful neighbors in my life. I can sit enjoy myself it is quite…. I love the people I love near. No pics. Friendly, helpful staff who seem to love their work and their customers too. Welcome to the Neighborhood! Twin Creeks Estates is a wonderful place to live. Been there since and all positive. Neighbors say hi to each other, keep eyes out and report things. Keep yards looking nice. Security does great job. I love Twin Creeks Estates. Randall Kleveland. Neighborhood Shout-out!

Great Idea,Love It……….!!

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Debby who is a massage therapist and owner is amazing. You will never be disappointed by her service or friendliness. She also has others such as an acupuncturist and metal health therapist rent the space and offer services. It is a wonderful hidden gem of Oakdale! I think this app is the best app ever made. Not because of the app itself necessarily but the idea. I am proud to be a part of this app.

Thank you whoever made this app and the idea of it. Paws and Claws is an excellent one. Diane Philips. Red Wagon is the easiest, quick, clean, affordable, delicious short menu place in town. Employees always friendly. Ask for Frank. On Nextdoor I have found more valuable information then the internet or Facebook! The way people share their knowledge and information on topics that are important to the way and how we live at home and in our community have been so educational and helpful.

I do not get out much due to no car and my health. Thank you Neighbors! Please make that optional. I am tech challenged but want everyone to know how Juan at Hightower rescued our air conditioning this morning. He is that wonderful! My favorite business is the Flower Nook on Iron street… They are so into offering opportunities to collectors, artists works, open houses for the community and the flower arrangements and plants are fantastic!

I got a little air plant takes no dirt lives on my dining room table in a glass…so beautiful!.. The staff is friendly, helpful and the owners are there to help you plan for weddings, anniversaries, funerals… and a general bit of flora an fauna for your everyday!. I would post pictures if I could figure out how!!!

Shuga Beanz is the best place to get a hot drink , A Frappe, a Macchiato all flavors, protein shakes. Sugar free drinks amazing drinks from awesome Barista. This great group of people a retired military family. My favorite drink is the Peach tea my husband loves the hot latte. They have it all at Shuga Beanz. Steve has more than forty years teaching experience and is owner of Southern California Golf Schools with more than 20 plus locations in Arizona, California and Nevada. Steve teaches locally in Beaumont, Riverside and Fallbrook.

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  • I just hired Kevin Brown to do some electrical work, setting up a RV plug and breaker and he did n outstanding job!! Highly recommend him. He was honest, and very efficient. His email is brownboy16 gmail. Food excellent and very reasonable. Free wine tasting. Helpful wait staff. Encourage everyone to give it a try. I had the very nice pleasure to be shopping at a fairly new business called Model Institution. The young lady that helped me was such a joy to talk with. We covered topics from Stag-horn ferns to gemstones, crystals and vintage items that were displayed in the store.

    So interesting, kind and knowledgeable. I hope to be able to share this store with many of my neighbors and friends. Lakeview Mini Mart on Harrison Avenue. Diva is the one I deal with primarily during the day. She always knows what I want and need. She is always very polite and helpful. Shrimpys bar and grill on Rte 1, owners are wonderful, staff perfect and the food is the best. Gorgeous and so tallented and a friend. David and company hair and nail spa also known as diva nail spa is in the shops of San Marco they are fabulous you really get a great bang for your buck they do wonderful work at a really reasonable price great people.

    A one-stop-shop for hair nails pedicure waxing whatever you need and every single one of them are incredibly talented. Yum yum Bakery at lemon bay shopping Center has the very best bread and bakery Goodies!

    The online library for blind and print-disabled people

    The owners are always friendly And their soup and sandwiches are super! AM Door and Supply Co on rt 45 in North Jackson for all your residential and commercial doors, windows, patio doors, storm doors, garage doors, and hardware! Staff always pleasant, helpful and courteous. Same goes for the pharmacy staff. Great company. I just used Bippen Electric, to input 2 fans, 3 lights and help with a microwave and oven plug. Awesome company, Chris Bippen gave me an great estimate and Randall did the work.

    An awesome family business. Home Zone Painting and Repair — Richard Bourne Great workers and Richard stayed by the estimate he originally gave me, even though there were extra things to do. Very reliable company. Mail America 3 On 47th and R Newman and his dad run a family friendly business. They are polite and diligent in the service they provide both in customer care and all the other mail, office, western union, services etc. I recommend them to all in the neighborhood. He is the best troubleshooting plumber. He is honest and does not gouge you.

    My parents hovered over me, their only child, telling me stories about our heritage and their courtship in Guatemala City. I did not know that my father was having an affair with the woman he called on the phone in the afternoons, or that my mother would soon bring her new boyfriend home to meet me. Two very different journeys brought us to that place: me, the son of Guatemalan immigrants, and Ray, a man with Midwestern roots and an abiding hatred of black people.

    On April 23, , Ray had escaped from the Missouri State Penitentiary by hiding under the loaves in a large bread-delivery box. He had been serving a twenty-year sentence for robbing a St. Louis grocery store, his fourth criminal conviction. Ray had grown up in downstate Illinois and in rural towns in northeastern Missouri, in communities that were home to some of the poorest white people in the Midwest.

    His story of want and need feels familiar to me. Ray was an impoverished, neglected child; so was my father, who had grown up in the banana-farming region of eastern Guatemala , along the Motagua River. My father stopped his schooling at the sixth grade. He was twenty-one when he left for the United States with my mother, who was pregnant with me.

    He thought that California had better prospects for his new family, and that he might complete his education there, too. In Los Angeles, while working as a busboy and a parking attendant, he earned his high-school diploma by taking night courses at Hollywood High. When he moved on to classes at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, he brought home a thick, crimson hardcover textbook on American history.

    I began to peruse its pages when I was still in grade school. Although Ray was my neighbor, he was invisible to me: I have no memory of seeing him. Now I know that he had lived less than a hundred and fifty feet away, as he was plotting the act that would launch his entry into history in the name of white supremacy. In the months when Ray was our neighbor, he took classes in dance and bartending, and saw a hypnotist, apparently trying to conquer his shyness.

    Photographs from this period show Ray, then forty, as a dark-haired man with penetrating, steely-blue eyes and a taste for sharp-looking clothes. Ray paid for his self-improvement efforts with money from a robbery he committed while he was a fugitive. In December, , Ray visited the North Hollywood Presidential-campaign office of George Wallace , the former governor of Alabama, who had become a folk hero among segregationists for attempting to prevent two African-American students from attending the University of Alabama.

    Ray had gathered signatures to help get Wallace on the California ballot. Wallace ran on the American Independent Party ticket in the election, against Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey, and carried five Southern states. I did not know that people were subjected to racial classifications, official and unofficial, epithets that were mumbled and shouted, or categories that were checked off on birth certificates and census forms, tallied in school-district and city-planning offices, and inscribed on property deeds.

    Some nights, he, my mother, and I listened to the shortwave signal of a Guatemalan radio station that broadcast marimba orchestras. I became aware of the swirling cultural storm of the late sixties, with its mod styles and transistor technologies, and its rock and soul anthems. At birth, my life was linked to black history and to Memphis, Tennessee. My godfather, Booker Wade, was an African-American native of that city who, as a teen-ager, in , had joined a silent sit-in at the segregated central branch of the public library.

    That winter, Wade found himself living in the same building as my parents, and, upon learning that they did not own a car, offered to drive my mother to the hospital when the time came to deliver her baby. He wore a blue suit to my baptism. He had bought a pair of Bushnell binoculars and a Remington Model rifle with a seven-power scope. The previous night, King had given a speech in which he mentioned the threats against his life since arriving in Memphis, and recalled the assassination attempt that he had survived in King became a martyr in my home, a pobre hombre who died for the idea of social equality.

    Today, my physical closeness to two characters in the story of civil rights—an activist and an assassin—feels like an odd and unlikely coincidence. But I think every Latino kid grows up this way, in proximity to the drama of American history and its assorted players, trying to figure out where he fits in. These days, Central American boys and girls live in the neighborhoods Hijuelos frequented.

    Ever since the first colonies of Anglo-Saxon migrants were founded on the North American continent, white people have written stories filled with ambition and conquest. More than a century before my family arrived in California, a Mexican teamster, known only as Antonio, was among those whose bodies were cannibalized by the Donner Party, the ill-fated emigrants to California who became snowbound in the Sierra Nevada in His story has never been told.

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    • My fair-skinned mother could pass for white, until her heavy accent betrayed her. My father, with his Mayan nose and copper coloring, never could. For James Earl Ray, his whiteness meant that he deserved better than what he had. His perception of African-Americans as impoverished, diminished people made the color of his skin a source of power in a dismal life. He was born a few doors down from the biggest brothel in Alton, Illinois, a racially mixed city, in The jazz legend Miles Davis was born in Alton two years earlier.

      The family bounced around a region of the Midwest thick with African-American history, home to settlements that had been stops on the Underground Railroad. Posner writes that many residents of Ewing were the descendants of Southern migrants whose families supported the Confederacy in the Civil War. The elder Ray spent most days at the local pool hall. But, like other white people in town, Ray could boast that no free black man had ever spent the night there.

      Announcing Your 12222 Neighborhood Favorite Businesses!

      Across the cities and towns of the Midwest, a powerful, de-facto segregation took hold. My mother and father grew up in a society with its own rigid class divisions and restricted social mobility. They met and began courting at the site of a car crash in Guatemala City. I was the result of an assignation in the back of a delivery van during an autumn downpour. My father married her after they discovered she was pregnant; she told me this when I was seven or eight years old, at about the time she and my father split because of his repeated infidelities.

      After they separated, they started new relationships, and I began to feel that I was an accident—the product of an impetuous act in the lives of two very young and headstrong people of limited means. At school, I sensed that outsiders regarded me with benevolent concern.

      The Library Gang - Go Next Door The Library Gang - Go Next Door
      The Library Gang - Go Next Door The Library Gang - Go Next Door
      The Library Gang - Go Next Door The Library Gang - Go Next Door
      The Library Gang - Go Next Door The Library Gang - Go Next Door
      The Library Gang - Go Next Door The Library Gang - Go Next Door
      The Library Gang - Go Next Door The Library Gang - Go Next Door
      The Library Gang - Go Next Door The Library Gang - Go Next Door

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