The Fathers Love

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The Father's Love

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FATHER'S LOVE (an inspirational song by Gary Valenciano)

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The Father's Love () - Rotten Tomatoes

Premium Series Kits. Your Best Preaching. Try it FREE today - get premium sermon illustrations, preaching campaigns, and church media. A Father's Love Contributed by T. Conwell on Jun 18, based on 9 ratings. Father's Love Contributed by William R.

How Deep The Father's Love For Us

Nabaza on May 20, When the Son of God came into the world, there was no suspension of this unique sonship, this eternal sonship. The glory of the Word made flesh, which the disciples beheld, was the glory of the only begotten from the Father, and the revelation of the Father dispensed by him was revelation dispensed by the only begotten.

How eloquently John and 18 testify to these facts! Since there was no suspension of this ineffable fatherhood or sonship, there was no suspension of the love that the Father bore to the Son or that the Son bore to the Father. These very simple statements point to an infinitude of reciprocal love—love not constrained by ignorance nor quenched by knowledge, but love that is drawn out by the exclusive and exhaustive knowledge that the persons have of each other.

He came because he loved the Father, and the Father sent him because there was no other who could fulfill such a mission. Share This.

The Fathers Love The Fathers Love
The Fathers Love The Fathers Love
The Fathers Love The Fathers Love
The Fathers Love The Fathers Love
The Fathers Love The Fathers Love
The Fathers Love The Fathers Love
The Fathers Love The Fathers Love
The Fathers Love The Fathers Love

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