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Ideally, the course content will challenge the current references of the coach. As a result, the coach will return back to his team with better and more football references which he will also share with all the staff members who did not go to that same course. Unfortunately, this is not what happens with most coaches. This is a coach who is not interested in challenging and improving himself.

Based on selective perception he is un consciously focussing on course content which confirms his current beliefs. Uncomfortable course content will simply be ignored. One can compare this with a scientist who has a certain hypothesis and who is only interested in the scientific literature which confirms his hypothesis. He just ignores more recent studies that might question or even falsify his hypothesis. Just imagine what would happen with the scientific evolution if scientists would really think like this.

Indeed, we would still be traveling with a horse-drawn carriage.

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But this is exactly what is happening in the football world. Once coaches have developed their own subjective perception of how to coach the game they will predominantly look for confirmation of their beliefs and thoughts. This is one of the main reasons why the football evolution in general and the football coach evolution in particular is developing rather slowly. Most coaches are not focused on improving themselves by constantly trying to falsify their football references. They do not see a string of losses as a potential falsification of their football references and a unique opportunity to improve those references and to become a better coach.

Instead, they often choose to protect their falsified football knowledge by blaming something else or somebody else. This is why there is a blame culture in the football world.

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One of the consequences of the football world being a world without universal references and language is that it is very difficult to judge the work of a coach and to hold coaches accountable. As a result, the only real measure is winning and losing.

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To ensure you are viewing updated information, use the buttons and links provided on the Web site. The U. A Web page will display to help you access the system.

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If you know your Confirmation Number , do the following:. The Verify Entrant page is displayed. Different messages will display based on whether or not your Diversity Visa Lottery Form was selected for further processing, or if an interview appointment has been scheduled. Sede: via A. Press enter to begin your search.

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Senza categoria Discover here what to do if you have not received the confirmation document By Silvia Forastieri 2 April No Comments. Read the instructions provided in the document and below carefully.

My medical certificate has been rejected, what can I do? What documents do I need to collect my bib number? This person will have to show: this authorization form , filled in and signed by you the confirmation document in PDF, printed or on a smartphone or tablet own photo ID documents relating to license and medical certification, if the confirmation document shows that your registration is not yet in order There are errors in the data indicated in the confirmation document, what should I do?

The Confirmation The Confirmation
The Confirmation The Confirmation
The Confirmation The Confirmation
The Confirmation The Confirmation
The Confirmation The Confirmation
The Confirmation The Confirmation
The Confirmation The Confirmation

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