Ripples of Stillness

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Animals Characters Classic. Souvenirs Travel Accessories. Look Inside. View Large Image. This is a story about love, faith and waking up to your greatest potential. In Stock with Supplier Shipping in days. Online Only. Imagine what you'd say if you thought no one was listening It's just before midnight. Simon is sitting alone in the dark He's staring out his bedroom window. But all he can see is heartbreak. At age 38, he thought he had everything he wanted - a house in the suburbs, a thriving career and a beautiful family.

But none of that matters anymore.

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He's just lost the love of his life. Simon had buried himself in his work.

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He was blind to the fact he was losing Astrid. He did not know how lonely she was. Sitting quietly that cold winter-night, he knows it's time to withdraw.

Every part of him wants to hide from the world. But instinct kicks in, and he does the opposite. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter.

Ripples in the Stillness | Drops to Ripples to Waves | Forest fairy, Fairy art, Faeries

Popular Features. If nature can adapt to change, maybe that is something we can embrace and be open to change when it is upon us. The contrast from the flow of water at the waterfall to the stillness of the water at the edge of the lake. How the ripples from the waterfall appear intense and consistent at the base of the waterfall. The lotus flowers, around the edge of the lake, gently nestled in the muddier water at the edge.

The stillness at the edge of the lake, you notice every delicate ripple created by the dragon flies as they effortlessly glide from flower to flower. You breathe in, pause and feel the stillness of yourself and the lotus flower, then breathe out.

Podcast script: Mindful meditation – Openness to change

As you breathe in the lotus flower opens it petals wider, showing you more of its beauty and simplicity. As you breath out the lotus flower begins to close, you watch as it folds in on itself, protecting itself with its dark green outer petals. You observe how different the lotus flower looks closed, the dark green of the petals, how it appears that colour to protect itself within the murkiness of the water. Then you breathe in and it opens once more, you watch as the flower opens, revealing vibrant colour and changing in front of your eyes.

A Moment of Stillness

You continue to breathe and observe the flower changing in front of you from full bloom to bud. Like the lotus flower, when things seem dark or unpleasant, breathe in and allow yourself to open like the lotus flower, look inward to find the beauty and light whenever things seem dark. You slowly return the lotus flower to the lake, watching it naturally fall back into its surroundings. You breathe and continue to think of the lotus flower, how it changed itself for the better.

Ripples of Stillness

To be something so delicate and beautiful within the darkness. How you will adapt like the lotus flower, slowly, internally, before opening yourself up to change when you are ready. Take one more deep breath in and open yourself up fully like the lotus flower, as you breathe out, allow yourself to close like the lotus flower.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Change is something that happens all around us. So find a comfortable position to relax in, sitting or laying the choice is yours.

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Allow your body to become comfortable. Slowly become aware of your breath. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Ripples of Stillness Ripples of Stillness
Ripples of Stillness Ripples of Stillness
Ripples of Stillness Ripples of Stillness
Ripples of Stillness Ripples of Stillness
Ripples of Stillness Ripples of Stillness
Ripples of Stillness Ripples of Stillness
Ripples of Stillness Ripples of Stillness
Ripples of Stillness Ripples of Stillness
Ripples of Stillness

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