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The hidden attribute signals that content should not be rendered, regardless of medium or screen reader use.

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In supported browsers it also hides the content from view, similar to display: none;. This technique is most often used when a site is dynamically showing and hiding content, like a popup or accordion.

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You may need to combine the hidden attribute with a CSS class to allow for transitions. In that case, just make sure you update the hidden attribute whenever you change visibility by another means. This can also be set as a global style using attribute selectors. Some content is not important for understanding a web page, but is added to make the design more visually appealing. For example, icons and glyphs can provide a nice visual polish, but tend to be unhelpful — and sometimes downright distracting — for screen reader users.

A good web page design often uses visual clues to convey information to the viewer.

For example, pagination may be obvious when laid out visually, but might read as a meaningless list of numbers over a screen reader. The 18f site has a great solution to hide content visually while keeping it in the accessibility tree for screen readers:. In the comments of this post Edward Martin pointed out that the CSS clip property is deprecated and that we should be using clip-path.

In addition, Kimblim pointed out that this technique can cause screen readers to skip the spaces in between words and suggested adding white-space: nowrap; to avoid this.

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The aria-label attribute can also be used to provide additional information to screen readers though generally the CSS solution is preferable. When building responsive web pages designers often choose to display content at certain screen sizes but not others using media queries. Dave Gene Wilder , a former actor who lost his hearing over a period of years, is now completely deaf.

He can read lips, though he is thrown into confusion if words are slurred or backs are turned. He, too, has his pride. Unlike Wally, Dave is gainfully employed as the manager of a midtown Manhattan newsstand. It's the none too promising assumption of ''See No Evil, Hear No Evil'' that one physical disability complements another, and that Wally and Dave are made for each other. Yet, against all odds, the movie goes on to prove it with a lot of good, unlikely humor that is often not in the best of taste. Taking two jokes two!

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Pryor and Mr. Wilder, with the help of a platoon of writers including Mr. Wilder and Arthur Hiller, the director, have fabricated the first pop comedy of the year that is really funny. The new film is the third and by far the most successful co-starring vehicle for Mr. Wilder, who earlier made ''Silver Streak'' also directed by Mr. Hiller and ''Stir Crazy. This is not elegant movie making, and not all of the gags are equally clever.

The plot shows through but that, in a way, is part of the fun - waiting to see what variations can still be worked on a situation that would seem, at first, to be limited. After a job interview in which, initially, neither Wally nor Dave is aware of the other's problem, Dave hires Wally to help out at the newsstand.

Almost immediately they ''witness'' a murder. That is, Wally hears the gun going off and the oblivious Dave turns around to see a magnificent pair of female legs disappearing into the silent crowd. The police, being the kind of dolts that are required to make such comedies work, arrest the pair and take them off to jail.

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