Praying That Receives Answers

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Prayer is what connects us to the Creator, without prayer we lack His guidance and His power in our lives. We become an ineffective, dysfunctional part of the body of Christ. Bounds has experience with the results of true, faith-filled prayer. Let him show you how to turn your frustration into praise as you move mountains through life-changing prayer. The following ISBNs are associated with this title:.

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Discerning Answers to Our Prayers

Then go to step 5. Click OK to close the Internet Options popup. Chrome On the Control button top right of browser , select Settings from dropdown. This heavenly assurance gave him the strength and patience to endure.

Praying That Receives Answers - eBook: E.M. Bounds: -

When we seek his blessings worthily, we can be sure that we will receive them at the time and in the way that will be best for us. I have a close friend who some years ago was pondering whether to adopt a Native American child. Having considered their personal situation thoroughly, he and his wife prayed, then randomly opened the Book of Mormon.

On the pages in front of them, they saw first a passage about being nursing fathers and mothers to the Lamanites. Feeling the confirmation of the Spirit, they accepted the scriptural passage as a direct answer to their prayer and went on to build a loving relationship with the daughter they adopted. Or perhaps neither choice is the best one.

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We might consider changing the question to ask an all-knowing, loving Heavenly Father what his will is. He felt a prompting to go to the front of the house. There he found in a parked car a member of the stake presidency who gave him wise counsel. A fragile testimony was strengthened. In considering our prayers, our all-knowing Heavenly Father may answer our needs by giving us a greater capacity to solve our problems ourselves.

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Evans of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles wrote some years ago. Evans, Jr. Often this acceleration of thought comes while we study the scriptures. And even though it is described as a voice, it is a voice that one feels, more than one hears. Rather it whispers.

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There are many ways of making the voice of the Spirit stronger in our lives. One of these is praying with faith, really believing that our Father will answer us. On the other hand, being skeptical of such answers is a self-fulfilling fear! These two opposing truths are taught in James , the verse that motivated Joseph Smith to go into the grove to pray, and in the two verses following:. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. The more often we pray with sincerity and humility, the more often the Spirit has opportunities to whisper to us.

It is wise to have worship of the Father in our hearts whenever we undertake to act in his service. How can we have confidence that God will give new guidance to us unless we are being true to the principles he has already revealed? We are much more likely to hear the voice of the Spirit when we pray for the right things. The Spirit can teach us what we should pray for see Rom.


Some months after my interview with the elder who was having difficulty discerning the answers to his prayers, I sat in a testimony meeting at the end of his mission. I know he loves me and is helping me. It is through gratitude that we find the key to understanding how deeply our Father loves us. By faith we can come to understand his answers and know that they are the best things for us at that particular time, answers lovingly offered by a Heavenly Father who can see with perfect clarity to the depths of our souls.

This article may furnish material for a family home evening discussion or for personal consideration. You might consider questions such as:. Is there anything amiss in my life that blocks the whisperings of the Spirit? Show Hide.

Praying That Receives Answers Praying That Receives Answers
Praying That Receives Answers Praying That Receives Answers
Praying That Receives Answers Praying That Receives Answers
Praying That Receives Answers Praying That Receives Answers
Praying That Receives Answers Praying That Receives Answers
Praying That Receives Answers Praying That Receives Answers
Praying That Receives Answers Praying That Receives Answers

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