Nine Blind Mice: Late Intermediate Piano Solo (Alfreds Basic Piano Library)

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Used ABC children's songbook. Used sheet music book with melody line only with chords and lyrics. One page taped on edge. Marks on first page. Else pages are very good. Sing Sing Sing. Used sheet music book for melody line only with chords and lyrics. The usual stamps on intro pages and on occasional pages through book. Corners worn. Name written on reverse of front cover. Pages have tanned on edges, else pages are very good. Corners bumped. Small creases in the spine. Number on cover. Name written inside cover.

Else very good. The Sing Book. Chords written in pen on one page. Rear pages are lightly stained on edges. Else in very good condition. The Sing Book Used children's songbook. Used softcover songbook. Crows Nest. ISBN X. Used ABC children's songbook with melody line only with chords and lyrics. The Sing! Used children's song book. Melody line only with chords and lyrics. CD is not included. Inked stamp on title page and inside rear cover. Else in fine condition. Songs from the Disney Silly Symphonies series of animated cartoons. Used Disney songbook.

Used original sheet music book for easy piano with words. Every page illustrated in colour with cartoon characters. Index page and rear page have some grubby marks. Light wear to edges of pages. There is some foxing which is mostly confined to edges of pages. Music is very good. Used easy piano book for children. Forsyth Bros Ltd. Undated Corners are worn. Gem Series Used book of piano solo marches for Boy Scouts and Girl Guides, tuneful and well marked for time.

Circa Inked stamp on cover. Foxing on covers and edges of pages. Tears in spine. Pages are very good. Used childrens' action song book. Used sheet music song book for easy piano with words. Very good condition. Contents are: Abraham Lincoln's Birthday : Honest, Brave and Good finger-play - Chopping logs - Let us build a cabin finger-play - Riding in a covered wagon arm-play - Tramping through the woods.

Valentine's Day : How many ways can you make a valentine? George Washington's Birthday : Who chopped the cherry tree down? Easter : The black top hat and the Easter bonnet - The lonely ducks finger-play - The Easter basket finger-play - Rolling down the hill - The wandering goose - The Easter bunny finger-play.

Circus time : The circus has come to town - The circus freaks finger-play - Swing high on the flying trapeze - The tight rope walker - The galloping circus horses - The tumble trick clown. Thanksgiving : The pilgrims - Come let's all pray together - The Indians - The strutting turkey - The chick in the yard finger-play.

Christmas : Santa Claus is coming - Santa's helpers - The toy piano music-box - The very little ball - The mechanical toys - Top toe to bed. Used childrens' song book for piano and voice. London Covers are soiled. London Rear cover is marked. The Clarendon Song Book Series. London Covers are grubby and marked with a name blacked out and a sticker half torn. Corners are worn. However pages are very good. Used children's song book for piano with lyrics.

Covers soiled. Used Childrens' sheet music book for easy piano with lyrics; with a delightful drawing of children in ring on cover. Used childrens song book. Used sheet music book for easy piano with words. Used sheet music book for easy piano with words with suggestions for childrens instrumental accompaniment. Edge wear to covers. Used childrens' song book. Used sheet music book for easy piano with chords and words.

Beautifully illustrated with colour plates and line drawings. No dust jacket. Decorative covers.

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The lyrics printed on the cover are: 'Christopher James has stayed away, His seat is empty in class to-day, He won't be coming to school instead, -'. Covers are worn on edges and corners. Spine torn at bottom. School stamp on title page and last page. Corners creased. Easy-to-learn songs with rhythm, rhyme, melody and movement to bring children to a closer relationship with Jesus. Used childrens Christian song book.

Used sheet music with melody line only with chords and words and dance directions. The Joint Board of Christian Education. Making Music. Used children's songbook with symbols for percussion instruments so the children can make their own music. Staples rusted. Foxing on edges. Used sheet music for children. Easy play piano solos arranged for play by number.

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Imperial Edition No. Used sheet music for children for simplified piano with words; arranged for play by number -arranged by- Maxwell Eckstein. Allans Music. Covers are worn on edges. Extra lyrics written in pen on one song, else no marks on any other pages. Used childrens song book for guitar. Used sheet music book for guitar with chords and words -arranged by- Jerry Snyder. Includes instructions for playing guitar. Castle Music. Undated Used spiral-bound softcover guitar songbook. Covers are grubby and torn around top spiral.

Covered in clear plastic. Written gift inscription on title page. Light foxing on edges of pages. Music composed -by- Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky. Introduction -by- Leopold Stokowski. Tells the story of Walt Disney's film The Nutcracker Suite for children with six special arrangements freely transcribed for piano -by- Frederich Stark. Illustrated with figures, characters and colour drawings from the Walt Disney film. A charming story book and music book for children. Little, Brown and Co. Covers are worn. Edges and corners of covers are knocked and worn. Used sheet music for children's pieces for piano solo -edited with special annotations by- Alfred Mirovitch.

Corners are worn and bumped. Page and piece numbers on each page have been circled in pencil. Used sheet music for children's pieces for piano solo -edited by- Willard A Palmer. Alfred Music Co Inc. Covers are grubby. Corners are bumped. Light pencil marks on a few pages. Else good.

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Hinge has cracked inside front cover however binding is still firm. Previous owner's name written on front free endpaper.

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Most pages are very good. A collection of tunes set to nursery rhymes. Used sheet music book for piano with words. Circa Used softcover songbook. Covers are worn and faded on edges and spine. Used sheet music book for simplified piano with words arranged in play by number format. Softcover book. Title page is out of register. All other pages are very good. Songs for Movement and Action Volume 1. Used children's song book with directions for actions.

Used sheet music for piano with words and directions for actions. Imperial edition No. Name whited out on front cover. Lightly creased. Disney Fun. Used sheet music book for simplified piano with words. Arranged -by- Bonnie Greene. Hal Leonard. Name written on front cover. Covers are creased. Song and Rhythm. Used childrens song book of songs and chants about road safety. Traffic Authority of NSW.

Used song book. Used sheet music book for simple piano with guitar chords and words. No date Used softcover songbook. Written inscription on first page. Children's picture book with music notation for easy piano. Delightful pastel illustrations -by- Dianne Jackson. The world's most famous ballet recaptured in words, music and enchanting illustrations. Music simplified for pianists of modest ability. Faber and Faber. Used sheet music book for easy piano solo arranged for play by number.

Allans Music Australia. Music shop stamp on cover. A book for kindergarten and pre-school work; lyrics with piano accompaniment. Small softcover booklet. Undated Light wear to covers. Favorite Singing Games -arranged by- Arthur Adams. Lyrics with piano accompaniment and detailed directions for the games. Name of previous owner written on index page. Pages are in fine condition. Lyrics with piano accompaniment. Used sheet music book with words. Melody line only.

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Allan's Educational Library. Allan's Edition Nos. Allans Music, Melbourne, Covers are lightly scuffed. Firemen's Firefighting Favourites songbook. Used childrens book of songs about firemen and firefighting. Used sheet music book for piano with chords and words. Used softcover song book. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Undated but circa Covers are grubby. Illustrations -by- Rory Baxter. Piano accompaniment -by- Dorothy Feneley. Ellsyd Press Pty Ltd.

Covers are lightly scuffed. Used song book for children. Sheet music for simple piano with words for the youngest music maker. Edwin Ashdown Ltd. Used songbook for children. Used sheet music book for piano with chord names and words. Illustrated with line drawings. Used oblong spiral-bound book. Oxford University Press. Illustrated -by- Bruce Treloar. Used sheet music book with melody line only and words. Some songs are in languages other than English. Included are suggestions for games and other activities to accompany the the singing. Solfa ranges are also included. Used spiral-bound oblong softcover childrens song book.

A Dominie Publication. Educational Supplies Pty Ltd. Reprint Very small tears to upper edge of one page. Weight grams. What is the Instrument you play?

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Used songbook of nursery rhymes for children for piano with guitar chords and words. Piano arrangements -by- Beatrice Harrop and Brian Hunt. Guitar chords -by- Chris Hoggarth and John Hoggarth. Used oblong spiral-bound softcover childrens song book. Illustrated with colour illustrations -by- Frank Francis and Bernard Cheese. Playalong Songs -by- Jane Sebba. Illustrated -by- Steve Smallman. Used childrens songbook for piano with chords and words.

Used spiral-bound softcover songbook. Hamish Hamilton Children's Books. Illustrated -by- Jan Hill. Used childrens songbook of melody line only with words. Action songs and dramatisation songs. Cassettes not included. Lesley Cox Publications. Eden Hills, S. Illustrated -by- Val Biro. Used childrens songbook of melody line only with chords and words. Macmillan Education Ltd. Reprint Name of previous owner written on title page. Used sheet music booklet for piano solos for children to prepare them for 1st to 4th pianoforte examinations.

Inked stamps on front cover. List of contents: No. Used childrens songbook of rounds; melody lie only with chord names, chord boxes and words. Book only - cassette not included. Most of rounds can be played on a descant recorder and are written in the simpler keys of C, F and G. Suggestions for activities to accompany the rounds included.

Used oblong softcover book. Dellasta Pty Ltd. Mt Waverley. Used sheet music for easy piano for children. Foxing and stains on edges. Fold torn and taped. Pages light creased however music is good. Allans Edition No. Allans Publishing. Undated In fine condition. Editio Musica Budapest. Undated Covers are grubby. Sikorski Musikverlag Hans Sikorski. Undated In very good condition. Used songbook for children arranged for piano with chord names and words.

Piano arrangements -by- Barrie Carson Turner. Includes teacher's notes for each song. International Music Publications. Used songbook for children arranged for piano with words. Forsyth Bros Pty Ltd. Undated Upper corner creased. Oxford Music For Piano. Used piano book for children. No lyrics. Kinderscenen Op. Undated Inked stamp on cover. Used book of songs and activities for children. Esther Rofe died a short time ago, almost reaching the age of one hundred. Most of her career seems to have been tied to the theatre, but we, to our shame, know very little about this composer, and, playing through her songs, I was painfully aware that I knew nothing about the context of these settings.

Were they part of a theatre show? An extract? But recently an Esther Rofe songbook was published, which suggests that there were songs written outside the theatrical context. Witness, for example, her very fine atmospheric settings from Walter de la Mare. Esther Rofe was obviously functioning as a composer till the very end. Her story is waiting to be written, and could well be fascinating.

I freely admit that I have a problem with assigning Grainger—fine pianist as he was—a patriarchal role in Australian music, for many and varied reasons. I think we have people whose personality—musical and personal—was far less flawed to assume such a mantle. I need to end this survey of the song repertoire with reference to Horace Keats. I first came across his music when I was earning money as a student at the NSW State Conservatorium by being studio accompanist to that very fine baritone Harold Williams.

This was in the s, and all the singers sang Horace Keats; I played dozens of songs by him. I recommend this to interested readers. Keats was a very important song composer in Australia. Bainton is not a composer who pushed boundaries, so the first movement is in sonata form, with a scherzo, lento and gigue allegro forming the rest of the piece. The cello is never too high or too fast, and these days, this sonata would be a good student work.

Frank Hutchens has a number of violin and piano pieces. One, Always Afternoon , is, in its manuscript form, entitled A Summer Evening , but the idea is a lazy, indolent atmosphere, which prevails in other Hutchens violin works and many solo piano works. Some of these works are arrangements of piano works, with the melodic line extracted to make a violin line.

Hutchens also composed and arranged many works for two pianos because of his long-lasting partnership with Lindley Evans. Evans was not a prolific composer, although there is a waltz for two pianos, which was much performed by them and others. Most of these are still in manuscript. Both Hutchens and Evans were influenced by the two piano transcriptions of Maier and Pattison, who toured Australia and whose concerts the two attended whenever possible.

I heard Hutchens and Evans a number of times, and remember their two piano sounds as mellifluous and suave, rather than brilliant. Iris de Cairos-Rego wrote a piano trio in A minor. This seems to be an early work and was never published. Despite some attractive harmonic progressions, the writing is rhythmically stodgy and the instruments never seem to depart from a predominantly vertical way of thinking. Clive Douglas is represented here with a Pastorale and Ritual Dance from the symphonic suite Namatjira. At the head of the score of this extract arranged for violinist Harry Hutchins, Douglas wrote:.

A land of vast distances and grim remorseless desolation of sandy desert and gibber plain, contains incredible mountain formations and geological wonders unique in the world. In this dramatic setting of fiery cinnabar mountain ranges, stone-age man still enacts the savage rites of his race. Douglas was an expert orchestrator and here the piano has to do the bulk of the colouration; one misses the orchestra here and there. It is somewhat amusing that despite everything, Douglas still manages to be more adventurous than some of our more recent composers!

Esther Rofe wrote a Lament for alto flute and piano in There is also apparently a flute sonata from , but only the scherzo from it was available. This is in standard ABA form, with the trio in andante tempo and the outer sections sprightly and colourful. If the rest of the sonata proves to be as attractive, it could add to the repertoire.

On its own, the scherzo is a snippet of film music, and out of context. We now have some very light and lightweight music from some composers. This is a melodic and undemanding piece in every respect. He has attempted to make the imagery clear and communicable through a musical language that is at once bright and luminous and at other times, dark and foreboding. He hopes he has succeeded in his tribute to this so famous an English poet and author, a tribute from a composer in Shropshire to the memory of the great son of Dorset. PARTITA 1 for trombone and piano was written in September and is dedicated to my older nephew, Ben Carvell who has recently finished his degree course at Durham University and is now training to be an air traffic controller.

A keen trombone player, Ben previously studied the instrument at his home town of Whitby, North Yorkshire and then at Chetham's school, Manchester. My 12 Pieces after Grock, written also in were dedicated to Ben, and in this new piece I wished to create for him a piece which is more demanding yet ultimately rewarding. The piece was sketched in but was put aside until it was taken up again and revised in It is now in its final form. My aim as in Partita 2 was to create a 3 movement work lasting about 10 to 15 minutes which reflected my interest in various aspects of America which I have visited twice.

The first movement - Dialogue is a rather tough discourse between trombone and piano. The opening unison statement provides the main material for the movement. A second more rhythmic idea ends in a series of rising chords. This material is extended, developed, discussed until a new section is reached marked Tranquillo. It is as though a new vista has been cast on the material which is now broader in scope, less dissonant, more consonant, ending on a quite unresolved chord. The second movement - Elegant Dance is a bit of a contradiction in words given the nature of the instrument, but it is a sincere attempt to produce a touch of the ballroom for an instrument noted for its "macho" qualities.

The rapidly changing time signatures keep both instruments on their toes, and the second statement sees some elaboration in the piano part. Following this, a short Interlude involves some serious discussion of its main material leading directly into the Finale; "In the fast lane" - a vigorous ostinato " moto perpetuo " movement which is the most obviously American movement of the whole Partita. Over a driving ostinato part in the piano, the trombone builds up its part from short jazz-like "riffs".

This could easily be TV music with cops chasing robbers or simply a bit of a "burn up" on the Los Angeles freeway not to be advised as the American police are hot on speeding motorists! The relentless motion of the music is cut off at a suitable climactic moment. A keen trombone player, Jon initially learnt the trumpet in his home town of Whitby, North Yorkshire and continued his studies at Chetham's school, Manchester.

However, on advice from his teacher, he changed to Trombone. The existing Suite for Trumpet and Piano will continue to remain in my compositional output. While re-arranging the Suite, I decided to write a matching Partita for Jon to balance the one I had written based on a sketch of for Ben. In both cases these pieces, lasting between 10 and 15 minutes are an attempt to provide them with further concert music that is at once more demanding technically and aesthetically as well as being ultimately rewarding.

PARTITA 2 , like Partita 1 for the same combination, is clearly influenced by aspects of America which I have visited twice - its vibrant culture, its huge skyscrapers and vast spaces. The impressionistic first movement - Nocturne Skyscrapers starts from virtually nothing - a trill possibly a burglar alarm going off!

A second idea letter B suggests a wide vista at the top of one of these huge edifices. The second movement - Intermezzo relates to a slower version of the trill in the piano part. The trombone intones a rather lonely wandering aria leading to a falling figure letter A in the piano part. The juxtaposition of these two ideas makes up the majority of this movement which hints at a kind of overall improvisation. The 3rd movement Finale - subtitled 3. I think the reference is to steam rather than diesel and the movement recalls the days of the "wild west" with the clattery old 3.

At the end, the old 3. The piece is dedicated to Anthony Gritten, and he is scheduled to perform the piece on the Klais organ in the church of St John, Smith Square, London on May 28th, It was agreed between composer and performer that the subject matter on which this piece of some 11 minutes duration should be based was the Polyptych of the Last Judgement created by the Flemish painter Rogier van der Weyden between and and situated in the Maison Dieu, Hospices de Beaune, Burgundy,France.

From that time onwards, Anthony has shown a special interest in the composer's compositions for organ for which he is eternally grateful. This piece therefore has a special significance, being a memory of that first meeting. The visionary painting of Rogier van der Weyden had special significance to the Richard Francis in signifying, in its nine panels, the journey of the mortal soul, indicated by the Archangel of the Judgement, as to whether it should be to the troubled region of Hell or to the palace of eternal rest - Paradise.

The three main ideas comprise a virtuosic angelic writing for the manuals b a bare statement of monolithic chords suggesting a vast space in time and c a troubled chordal passage suggesting despair as the soul searches for its salvation, not knowing in which direction the Archangel of the Judgement will direct it. At the end of the first large-scale statement, the troubled desperation suggests the nethermost regions of Hell - not a comfortable place! The larger second counter-statement utilising the forgone material expands into a much larger paragraph culminating in the same kind of desperation as the first statement.

Eventually, more luminous, less dissonant sounds begin to prevail, and this time the resolution is in the nature of a celestial Lullaby " In Paradisum " in which a gentle rocking idea is decorated with angelic arabesques and birdsong in the manner of Messiaen. The piece ends in quiet resolution. The tempo marking is Allegretto a la Roy Rogers! Toggle navigation. Some of the compositions have downloadable sound samples attached. These are either in Windows Media Audio will play automatically in the media player bundled with your Windows operating system or in RealPlayer format.

Download free RealPlayer. Francis Music 1. Introduction - Fanfare and Overture. Waltz with Columbine Soiree de Vienne 6. Soliloquy Grock's merry antics. Slow Foxtrot - "The mistaken lady" - homage to M. The Jugglers Homage to S. Grotesque - Lullaby with Frankenstein. The Merry-go-round. Nocturne for Pierrot Homage to S. Francis Music In two volumes. Three mice went into a hole to spin. Scissors and string. This old man. Hickory, Dickory Dock.

Hey Diddle Diddle. Poor Jenny sits a weeping. The Little Nut Tree. The Muffin Man. Over the hills and far away. Pop goes the weasel. Twinkle, twinkle little star. Three blind mice. Solemn procession - Remembrance Sunday Maestoso 2. Scherzetto Allegro Misterioso 3. Finale - Hymn of Peace Adagio - molto tranquillo This score is dated Ludlow, December 2nd, and was written especially for the composer's young nephew, Jon Carvell who has studied the Trumpet while living in Whitby, North Yorkshire, but changed to Trombone on the advice of his teacher once he went to Chetham's school, Manchester.

It was also arranged as a suite for Trombone and Piano - see below: 1. Finale - Hymn of Peace Adagio - molto tranquillo. Choir and Organ. Unpublished 1. Allegro 2. Finale - Marziale con spirito. Choir and 13 instruments. Unpublished For Organ manuals only. Polly put the kettle on. The old woman tossed up in a basket Lilibulero 3. Oranges and Lemons Carillion.

Bye Baby Bunting Berceuse 5. The Grand old Duke of York. I love little pussy. Slow waltz 7. Hey, diddle dumpling, my son John Ostinato 8. Sing a song of sixpence. Jazz a l'espagnole! Cock - a - doodle - doo! Little Boy Blue Pastorale. The final section, "O Lord, let thy mercy" makes use of the plainsong Te Deum tonus simplex The Benedictus commences, after a short introduction, with a Tenor solo. The debt is paid,. Choir and Piano. Adam names the animals Gen.

The Creation of Eve Gen 2, v. The Fall Gen. Eve with Cain and Abel. Thorns also and thistles shall the ground bring forth to thee. The Expulsion from Paradise. The offering of Cain and Abel Gen. The Burial of Abel. The Flood Gen. The Dove returns to Noah Gen. Abraham pleads for Sodom. The Destruction of Sodom. God promises to multiply Abraham's seed as the stars of heaven and the sand on the sea shore. The sacrifice of Isaac on the mount of Moriah. Rebecca gives Eliezar water at the well. Gen 24; 11 - 20 Jacob's Dream.

The meeting of Esau and Jacob. Joseph's blood-stained coat" Gen. Joseph interpret's Pharaoah's dreams. Moses in the ark of bulrushes Ex. Moses and the burning bush. Crossing the red sea.

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Moses breaks the tablet of the law. The brazen serpent in the wilderness Num. David playes for Saul 1 Sam. David dances before the ark.

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The ravens bring forth food to Elijah 1 kings 17;v. Elijah, King Ahab and the prophets of Baal 1 Kings 18;v. The Jews rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

Nine Blind Mice: Late Intermediate Piano Solo (Alfreds Basic Piano Library) Nine Blind Mice: Late Intermediate Piano Solo (Alfreds Basic Piano Library)
Nine Blind Mice: Late Intermediate Piano Solo (Alfreds Basic Piano Library) Nine Blind Mice: Late Intermediate Piano Solo (Alfreds Basic Piano Library)
Nine Blind Mice: Late Intermediate Piano Solo (Alfreds Basic Piano Library) Nine Blind Mice: Late Intermediate Piano Solo (Alfreds Basic Piano Library)
Nine Blind Mice: Late Intermediate Piano Solo (Alfreds Basic Piano Library) Nine Blind Mice: Late Intermediate Piano Solo (Alfreds Basic Piano Library)
Nine Blind Mice: Late Intermediate Piano Solo (Alfreds Basic Piano Library) Nine Blind Mice: Late Intermediate Piano Solo (Alfreds Basic Piano Library)

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