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A vision for 2030.

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Delicious Teas 2. From the graph mentioned below, we can track the changes in economic inequality from to Such economic inequality in a country is a sure shot recipe for disaster. There is a growing body of evidence globally that demonstrate that increasing variation is associated with various social ills such as poor health outcome of citizens, poor educational results, rising level of crime, to name but a few.

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To overcome economic inequality in Indian society, the government needs to increase its social spending. Over the years it has been found that increasing public expenditure on education, health and social protection has helped to tame the rising inequality for poor and rich country alike. The government needs to plug the leakages in the Indian tax system to improve Tax to GDP ratio, which will provide the required economic muscle to the state to increase social good.

Education is the most significant leveller in an unequal society like India.

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Provision of quality education opens up doors of opportunity and helps break free the social and economic barriers which prevent an individual from realizing his inherent potential. Over the years, the government has been making consistent efforts to provide free quality education, but the lack of quality infrastructure and teachers has remained a bottleneck. The Annual State of Education Report reveals that the Indian youth in the age group of 14 to 18 are ill-equipped to read, write and do basic arithmetic.

Thus, the level of education needs urgent attention. The digitization of education opens new vistas of opportunity for the government and private sector to leverage its potential to make quality education accessible to all section of society.

The Indian start-up landscape is abuzz with innovative solutions to provide quality education from the best educators to improve the level of educational outcome. The Indian Government is also leveraging digital technology in a huge way to overcome the issues of quality, uniformity and accessibility in the field of education.

Under the Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan Scheme, 88 thousand government and government-aided school have been approved to be transformed into smart schools.

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The government has also started SWAYAM scheme to provide courses taught in the classroom from class 9 to post-graduation level to be accessed by anyone, anywhere at any time. These changes will undeniably enhance the educational outcome of the country and will create opportunities for fast economic growth. The experience from developed economies has shown that there is a definite correlation between job creation and entrepreneurship. It has other advantages as well; it allows the available resources to be allocated efficiently, stimulates competition, supports innovation and promotes the growth of the economy.

But more than entrepreneurship dedicated to the economic advancement, we need social entrepreneurship in India. Social entrepreneurs are individuals that recognize a social problem and uses entrepreneurial tools and technique to create a social impact. India has a myriad of social problems that inhibit its progress. There are issues of poverty, women empowerment, financial inclusion etc. The social entrepreneurs must take up the pressing issues in Indian society and use innovative entrepreneurial techniques to solve these issues. Bunker Roy; he started barefoot college in rural India to train illiterate man and women and improve their prospect.

Mohammad Yunus from Bangladesh; he started Grameen Bank to disburse microloans to poor rural people in Bangladesh which provided financial power to the poor households to create a sustainable source of income for themselves. In spite of all the challenges that India faces today, the Indian economy has emerged as the fastest-growing major economy in the world. This massive growth in Indian economy will provide immense economic power in the hands of the Government, which can be appropriately used for the public welfare and to solve the problems of inequality, poverty, education, health etc.

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My Nation is Green My Nation is Green
My Nation is Green My Nation is Green
My Nation is Green My Nation is Green
My Nation is Green My Nation is Green
My Nation is Green My Nation is Green
My Nation is Green My Nation is Green
My Nation is Green My Nation is Green

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