My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped

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She should read any book by Marian Kaplan she can get her hands on. She should have read, I mean. Too late now. I visited Germany with Mom who lost 14 members of her immediate family and after 25 years wanted to see her two surviving Mischling cousins and her aunt who walked home to the Rheinland from Theresienstadt. Mom saw with satisfaction that the town had been bombed so heavily that the streets no longer ran up and down hills but around them.

This trip was made possible by the premature death of my father, who would never have gone back. He had no one left to visit. The Germans ARE cold and formal. I went back specifically to show THAT to my kids. The German people do try to deal with their past, and you can live next to a neo-Nazi terrorist group in Palo Alto. I did. But when I saw that ad, I found all the required documents in five minutes. You can look in on what the reaction is to your post at GSI books and film on fb. Find what is useful and ignore the rest. Doubtlessly, is will be memorable for your family. Exactly how, is another question.

You are too optimistic,too hopeful, naive, and ignore the lessons of our history. I shudder at your claiming German citizenship. Will we ever learn?

FYI, your chances of being murdered in the US are significantly higher than in Germany, based on recent statistics. In large US central cities, the odds are much worse. To sum it up: You actually dont like the Germany, you dont like Germans, but you insist to live there. You dont feel welcome in Berlin.

That is your problem, because its like a self fullfilling prohecy. Reading the article I got the impression, that your problem to adapt the expectations that they welcome you like: Thank you that you are here, we waited soo long.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

But the truth is: They dont care, why should they? You wrote about your prolems with some bureaucrats and your neighbours. Are you sure you had this problems because you are jewish or because you behave like an american? By the way it is kind of interisting that the keywords holocaust and WW2 were used for this article, because it has nothing to do with it.

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All of you should read history. Killing Jews on a smaller or a bigger scale, in german history is a repeating act. If one wants to live in Germany take it for granted. What would make a Jew keep throwing themselves back into not the frying pan , but the fire? Naive and a sting your children will feel forever. You are lucky to be an American, and a Jew, in freedom and security. Go back home where you can be truly yourself. BUT, if you go back into that backyard, you deserve everything that happens to you. Just wanted to respond to a few of the comments. First, I love living in Germany and have written extensively about our wonderful experiences on my blog.

Second, I spent lots of time in Germany before moving to Berlin and am very familiar with the people and culture…. Third, of course I knew there were neo-Nazis here. Tablet wrote the heading for the article, not me. If you read the news, you will see that this is much more than a situation of some neo-Nazis running around distributing leaflets. We are talking about murders and bombings that were carefully planned and executed. Some government officials knew what was going on and turned a blind eye; others tipped off the criminals that they were under surveillance.

Fourth, applying for German citizenship as a resident of Germany is very different than applying through a German consular office in the U. Finally, Montana is full of highly intelligent people who do get out and see the world! Yes, Germany is dealing with its past in a much more public way than Austria, Poland or Lithuania, and this is important. Yes, you can visit, but to take out German citizenship??

To once again be a part of them? Is this true or part of the run-around described in the article. Two things bothered me about this article. What were they doing there? Please read it. I thought it was outstanding and wrote about it on my blog. See my post on Moses M. Born in Berlin in , my parents fled with me to Australia in We became naturalised British subjects in We have returned to Berlin twice in the past decade, the first time at the invitation of the City of Berlin and the second time, privately.

I, too, went to the local German consular office, was given documents to complete and was told to wait for some time for the result. When it came, it offered naturalisation! What I had expected was the return of my citizenship stolen during the s, something to which I believed that I had a legal right. The consulate was not helpful after offering the naturalisation papers a number of times in writing and by telephone. They suggested that I write to the Bundestag, which I did, pointing out that I was only requesting what had been stolen from me.

Since I was naturalised by my host country, I felt that my country of birth should return my citizenship. It has been an interesting exercise. Given the deterioration in the financial and political situation in the US in the past 11 years, having dual citizenship is a good thing, even if it is German. The US has not, since the Civil War, experienced the kind of upheavals that many other countries in the world have experienced in the past century. But that does not mean that upheavals cannot happen here. While Goldman Sachs does not appear as often in the financial press in a negative way as it did the the height of the recession, I have no doubt that its name will return as code words for Jewish speculators next time the economy experiences a major downturn.

Everyone should have a Plan B. Good luck, Donna. As a Jew born in Egypt and expelled after the Suez war in , I decided to never go back to that place again. I never transmitted the Egypt nostalgia to my sons and daughter, because countries that mistreat their Jewish citizens do not deserve any further sympathy. We, Jews, belong to the Middle East, we originated from several tribes with our central physical reference being Jerusalem, not Berlin nor Paris and nor New York. Hi Donna: The article is very well written, and also understandable why some of the content is controversial.

However, I appreciate your honesty. I know neo-Nazis exist today even in the U. How can modern man or woman justify this? Lives millions have been forsaken, and yet former Holocaust survivors still cling to their faith. Good for you for standing up for your principles. So much wrong with this. Donna, did you think Germany would love you back? You spent a lot of time there, know the people and culture really? Ermordet, or the better word, vernichtet. You should have done more reading before dumping your children into this.

You gathered impressions, and wool. And now you AlexanderplOtz. In a blog, yet. Visiting is not like living there. Who knew?

My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped - Lev Raphael - Google книги

Memory is not always perfect, or maybe your family was sparing you. Do the math. Living abroad, and I have, takes great effort, preparedness, depth of information, really good language skills and courage. A sense of humor helps. I lived in Berlin from and again from I have been back three times since to visit friends and family. The Berliners before the wall came down are vastly different than now. As I remember, being an American meant something back then, regardless of faith or race. We are living in the Last Days, so you might expect things to return to shortly.

As a Jew, if you are looking for acceptance from the world, you will not find it until Yeshua returns. God bless and Shalom. Is Israel not plan B? All very strange.


Their fear became my fear and I projected it on to the city and most Germans that I met. I ruined at least one friendship here by being so uncomfortable with the German language that I made everyone else uncomfortable by my presence. Then, things started to change. I found a job. I met some Israelis. I ended get along very well with my German coworkers, and now I have some really liberal and relaxed German friends in my neighborhood. More importantly, I have tons of international friends from all over the world. There have been a lot of articles in Der Spiegel International almost daily about Jews coming back to re-claim their German roots, in addition to tons of articles about young Israelis coming to Berlin for not nearly as vaunted of reasons partying and sex, mainly.

The divide over Germany now seems to be a generational thing in Israel as the younger folks enroll at the Goethe institute as the older generation clings to their very valid, I admit prejudices. When they rally here, tens of thousands of Germans show up to counter their rally. I no longer feel I am betraying my Jewish identity somehow by being here, except when I read comment threads like this one. I had presumed her family went to Berlin because of a job or something. In the same way that antizionist Jews are so well received by antizionists, Jews who return to Germany are well received by Germans.

But you are doing something for them, something very important. In a nation that is trying so very hard to erase the shame and guilt of the recent past, you are allowing them to absolve themselves of the biggest crime of all: the destruction of European Jewry perpetrated by Germany. But none of these things will help Germans overcome the ultimate crime of what the German volk did to German Jewry like enthusiastic Jews responding to German hospitality, particularly by reclaiming their stolen citizenship and returning to the heimat.

No one is asking you to move to Germany, but if Jews want to move there for their own personal reconciliation, who are you to judge their motives? Do the children inherit the sins of the fathers and mothers? And only German children? I visited the city in and again in and felt quite at home there, even though my parents spent their childhoods in small shtetls in Galicia and I have no relatives in Germany.

Liberators and Survivors: The First Moments

On my trip, I remember having lunch in the small cafeteria in the Prussian Academy of Sciences Building, where Albert Einstein, I believe, had his office before the Nazis took over. When I asked the man behind the counter if he could put together a meal for me without meat, he was quite accommodating.

In Berlin, history is all around you. The more you try to compare America to Germany or other parts of Europe, the more obvious the diff. What about slavery? It ended years ago, and African-Americans were treated as 2nd class citizens for generations after. While many European Jews realized there was no future for them in Europe and opted for Zionism, many African Americans also thought they would have to flee to the sanctuary of Africa or ultimately be subjected to expulsion or death.

Well, we all know how history turned out. The Jews were hunted down and murdered by popular decree in Europe, while African-Americans were allowed a place at the American table rather than chased off or murdered. Also, if you want to compare the US turning away Jewish refugees with the nation that turned those Jews into refugees in the first place as one small part of a larger campaign to dehumanize them, scapegoat them, steal their identities, their human rights, and their property before ultimately murdering them all, then the chasm bwn.

Plus, in the aftermath of WW2, those Jews who were held in German-run slaughter pens but not yet murdered were indeed able to find refuge in the US. The Europeans, of course, still wanted them out. It took them a generation or two more of eliminationist antisemitism before they became the ersatz philosemites we see today.

My point was not to equate the U. Oh yes on the scolding received. Did you notice pedestrians waiting in the rain for the light to change so they could cross streets empty of traffic? Sound curfew is taken very seriously. Do not make sound at recycling points prior to morning hours. We stopped into a gym where a high school girls basketball game was under way. We picked a team and started cheering. Looks we got. But you know what happened to the two teams? Intensity of the game picked up for both. I was stationed in Berlin when the wall came down. Berliners are noted for loving their dogs more than strangers.

Southern Germany is much more friendly. I enjoyed my times in Germany. This is a difficult undertaking. Because even if the Germans you encounter tell you what you happen to be doing wrong, you are suspecting them of ill will. Many people like to exert authority or exercise power. People generally prefer to sit behind the desk than stand in front of it, as petitioners. This truly breaks my heart! I am from Germany and am currently in the US for my education. As I kept reading and also read those commentaries it made me not only really sad! Just make yourself comfortable and try to broaden our horizons a bit!

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America has a lot too! Second World War Zoom Zoom.

Saul Friedländer: 'Historian of the Holocaust' and beyond

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My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped
My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped
My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped
My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped
My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped
My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped
My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped

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