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Katie Herzog

This is almost always the fault of people and these people are usually men who stand to urinate and fail to raise the toilet seat. You cannot reasonably expect to leave the round ring of a toilet seat unscathed when directing a stream of urine from multiple feet above the toilet bowl. So to hedge against the future bathroom occupant who attempts to urinate while standing without getting the toilet seat unscathed it is impossible to do so , I exit the public bathroom with the toilet seat raised.

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Yes, you read this correctly: Lester doesn't leave the toilet seat up after pissing, he actually raises it after using the toilet in the sitting-down manner. This is insane. Women, obviously, also whiz on the toilet seat, but I suspect that we are less likely to hover in our own office than we are in, say, airports or highway rest stops, and I have never once noticed seat dripples after using the bathroom here after a woman.

The Stranger 's editorial department has, by my count, 12 women and nine men, which means that unless there are a number of women around here who pee standing up and, let's be real, if any of the women around here stand up to pee, it would probably be me , the majority of toilet-users in this office never require the seat to be lifted to the upright position.

Good news, guys: Economists use math to show that it's OK to leave the toilet seat UP!

What's more, because men also use the toilet in the downright position, the odds that the person using the toilet after Lester is going to pee standing up are less than 50 percent. As a utilitarian, I support policies designed to bring the greatest amount of happiness to the greatest number of people, and by this measure, Lester is doing it all wrong.

He's bringing the greatest amount of happiness to the smallest number of people, which, in this office, happens to be men who pee standing up. Now, I don't think Lester is a bad person.

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In fact, despite what Erica C. Barnett says on Twitter, he's actually pretty decent.

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He leaves the toilet seat up because he really thinks it makes people less likely to dribble. For Michigan State University professor of economics Jay Pil Choi, the goal was to minimize the number of times a household's toilet is moved. Choi's analysis found that-- in the straightforward scenario where a man an woman alternate their use of the toilet--the best way to minimize effort is to simply leave the seat in the position you've used it. The man will have to lift the seat each time he urinates but not when he defecates and the woman will have to lower it each time she urinates, but not if the man has defecated before her.

Because no one will have to move the seat more than once per bathroom visit, effort will be minimized. So, what if your goal is to make equitable the amount of effort a man and woman must exert? In his scenario, Harter found--using cold, hard math--that the effort is roughly equaled when the woman leaves the seat where she found it and the man puts it down about half the time after urinating and in the evening 'to avoid the notorious "middle of the night surprise.

Another toilet strategy tinkerer, Reddit user JeffSergeant created a chart that examines these and other strategies and shows the breakdown of how each gender is affected. The first foray into this poop-tastic piece of physics happened during the '50s, with a particularly groundbreaking and skin-crawling piece of research emerging in , when Charles P.

Gerba published a study in the journal Applied Microbiology. Gerba found that a single flush sent E.

That means your 7-year-old could flush the toilet with the lid up after he gets home from school and harmful bacteria would still be floating around your bathroom at dinnertime. Today's low-flow toilets might not produce such gag-inducing results, but a review of studies done on the topic still came to a pretty horrifying conclusion.

3 reasons why I love when men leave the toilet seat up. | Lifting Taboos

The easiest way to curb this literal explosion of bacteria is simple: Close the lid. One study found that leaving the lid up versus down led to 12 times as much diarrhea-inducing bacterium Clostridium difficile in the air. It's really not that bad. And there you have it, folks.

Leave The Toilet Seat Up Leave The Toilet Seat Up
Leave The Toilet Seat Up Leave The Toilet Seat Up
Leave The Toilet Seat Up Leave The Toilet Seat Up
Leave The Toilet Seat Up Leave The Toilet Seat Up
Leave The Toilet Seat Up Leave The Toilet Seat Up
Leave The Toilet Seat Up Leave The Toilet Seat Up

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