King Henry VIII and his six wives

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As a result of this, Henry tore England away from the Catholic Church, declared himself the head of his new church — The Church of England — and cast Catherine of Aragon aside in favour of Anne Boleyn. Anne Boleyn. Once Henry rid himself of Catherine of Aragon, Henry married Anne straight away and she was hastily crowned his Queen.

The reason for their hasty attitude is because Anne was visibly pregnant at the time. Henry was sure that this child of theirs would be the son and heir he desperate needed. Unfortunately for Anne, their child was a girl — our future Queen Elizabeth I. After more failed pregnancies Henry feared that his marriage to Anne was a mistake and he sought to rid himself of her. With the assistance of Thomas Cromwell, the Earl of Essex, a bevy of accusations were levelled against the Queen.

She was accused of carrying on numerous affairs, of liaising sexually with her brother, and of practising witchcraft.

Who were Henry VIII's wives?

It is highly unlikely that any of these accusations were true, but the legal system was more interested in giving Henry what he wanted than giving Anne a fair trial. She was declared guilty of treason against the crown — and the punishment for treason was death. Anne thanked him for his kind gesture.

Jane was the wife that finally provided Henry with the male heir he had so long sought to have. However, shortly after she gave birth Jane fell very ill and died 12 days after the birth of her son, likely because of post-natal complications and infection. Henry also made it his wish to be buried beside her when he died — a request that was upheld in Three years after the death of Jane Seymour, Henry was ready to marry again.

Henry VIII’s six wives - we rate each relationship to see who was his best match - MyLondon

He sent his court painter — Hans Holbein the Younger — to Europe to paint portraits of eligible princesses. When the portraits were brought back, Henry chose Anne of Cleves based off his painting only. But this was the only thread that Henry could hold on to that would allow him to quickly dissolve his marriage to Anne. She remained on friendly terms with Henry, as well as with all three of his children. She attended all their coronations — taking pride of place — and lived with a large allowance in a number of stately homes throughout the country.

She is the only one of his queens to be buried in Westminster Abbey and her burial plot can still be seen. When Katherine Howard was wed to Henry, he had grown well into middle-age and was not only morbidly obese but was afflicted with syphilis and had an open wound on his leg that would not heal — that had an odour detectable from rooms away.

King Henry VIII’s Wives — What Happened To All Of The King’s Consorts?

Recent scholarship surrounding Anne Boleyn , for example, has tended toward rehabilitation , painting the Protestant queen as an ardent religious reformer and powerful figure in her own right rather than reducing her to the accusations and slander that portended her downfall. Fictional works also share this interest in understanding the royal consorts as individuals, not just stereotypes. Six will begin previews at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on February 13, The show, scheduled to open March 12, will feature a soon-to-be announced cast accompanied by an all-female band called the Ladies in Waiting.

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The Six Queens of Henry VIII Episode 1

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Henry VIII’s wives in rhyme

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King Henry VIII and his six wives
King Henry VIII and his six wives
King Henry VIII and his six wives
King Henry VIII and his six wives
King Henry VIII and his six wives
King Henry VIII and his six wives
King Henry VIII and his six wives

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