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An Overview of the Integrated Algebra Regents exam. Since scrap paper is not provided or permitted for any part of the exam, you must use the blank spaces in the question booklet as scrap paper.

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After you figure out the answer to each multiple choice question in Part I, you must write the numeral that precedes the correct choice in the space provided on the separate tear-off answer sheet for Part I found at the back of the question booklet. The answers and the work for the questions in Parts II, III and IV must be written directly in the question booklet in the space provided underneath the questions.

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All work should be written in pen except the graphs which should be drawn in pencil. The Integrated Algebra Regents exam is a 3-hour long exam that consists of four parts with a total of 39 questions. Part I consists of 30 standard multiple-choice questions with four possible answers.

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There is no penalty for guessing. This section has a total of 60 points. The answers and the accompanying work for the questions in these three parts must be written directly in the question booklet. You must show or explain how you arrived at your answer by indicating the necessary steps involved, including appropriate formula substitutions, diagrams, graphs, charts and so forth.

If you use a guess-and-check strategy to arrive at an answer for a problem, you must indicate your method and show the work for at least three guesses. All questions in each of the four parts of the test must be answered. The equation of a line provides a natural transition into the idea of a function explored in the next two modules.

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They define, evaluate, and compare functions using equations of lines as a source of linear functions and area and volume formulas as a source of non-linear functions. By Unit 8, students have been using the Pythagorean theorem for several months.

Integrated Algebra (Math 8 Honors)

They are sufficiently prepared to learn and explain a proof of the theorem on their own. The Pythagorean theorem is also used to motivate a discussion of irrational square roots irrational cube roots are introduced via volume of a sphere. Thus, as the year began with looking at the number system, so it concludes with students understanding irrational numbers and ways to represent them radicals, non-repeating decimal expansions on the real number line.

The syllabus page shows a table-oriented view of the course schedule, and the basics of course grading. Please submit your feedback or enquiries via our Feedback page.

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The number of hours spent on math homework during one week and the math exam grades for eleven students in Ms. Smith's algebra class are plotted below.

Integrated Algebra Integrated Algebra
Integrated Algebra Integrated Algebra
Integrated Algebra Integrated Algebra
Integrated Algebra Integrated Algebra
Integrated Algebra Integrated Algebra
Integrated Algebra Integrated Algebra
Integrated Algebra Integrated Algebra

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