Hunting Season (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, Book 10): A suspenseful mystery of secrets and intrigue

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Patrick's Tree House ; ill. Roberta Wilson : RL: ages When nine-year- old Patrick visits his grandparents in Maine, he finds a surprise, his own tree house, but he soon has to find a way to deal with two troubled boys who have taken it over. Janie : RL: ages Mystery story with background laid in Isleboro. The Night of the Hurricane : RL: ages Story of how the big blow changed Judy's life, as well as turning the peaceful Maine seacoast into a wild and alarming place.

A Mystery for Meg ; ill. Mary Stevens : RL: ages Mystery. Meg's stay with her older brother on an island off the Maine coast is punctuated by mystery and suspicion. Meg's Mysterious Island : RL: ages A young man and his spunky little sister hope to escape the gossips of a small town in Maine by agreeing to spend the winter in an isolated cabin on a remote island in West Penobscot Bay.

Meg and Melissa : RL: ages The Indians on the Bonnet ; ill. Richard Cuffari : RL: ages Thirteen-year-old Jess learns many things about the differences in people through his friendship with an Indian family near his home. And she doesn't feel she belongs with her hippie parents, either. When her family moves to Tidal, Maine, Raleia forges a friendship with eighty-eight-year-old recluse Ian, and an unlikely and combative but ultimately rejuvenating friendship results.

LASKY, Kathryn My Island Grandma : RL: ages Abbey spends every summer with her parents and her grandmother on a Maine island, where the leisure activities include swimming in the ocean, picking blueberries, and finding the constellations. Jem's Island , illus. Ronald Himler : RL: ages Jem goes on his first overnight kayak trip with his father to an island in Penobscot Bay. Fourth of July Bear , illus. Helen Cogancherry : RL: ages Rebecca spends the summer on a Maine island and is invited to participate in a parade. Addie and Chris try to solve the mystery of two strange men on Black Rock Island off the coast of Maine.

Tracy James leaves her contented life in Florida to become involved in a mind-controlling cult in Maine and to learn why an old family friend's lobster business is being sabotaged. Genesis is 17 when her father disappears on Moosehead Lake, Maine, and the family must wait until spring for answers. LEVIN, Betty Brother Moose : RL: ages Two orphan girls are helped by an Indian family when they make Fire in the Wind : RL: ages Complex family relationships undergo many changes as Meg -- who lives in Maine with her family, her grandmother, and her uncle's family -- and her relatives struggle with the aftermath of the devastating wildfires that in burned great portions of the Maine woods.

Set in late s. Island Bound : RL: ages Story of a boy accepting a dare to stay one week on deserted Fowler's Island off the coast of Maine and of the old tale of a ghost girl living there who seeks revenge against his family. The Trouble with Gramary : RL: ages Merkka's longing for a solid conventional existence is threatened by the art projects of her stubborn sculptor grandmother, whose scrap metal collection offends the other citizens in their small Maine village.

Takes place s. Shoddy Cove : RL: ages While Clare, 12, is spending the summer at Maine's Cossit Island Village, a living-history museum, she discovers two runaway children who are hiding at the museum and she solves a local mystery involving the underground railroad. On a cold, rainy spring day in Maine, Nan Lincoln awakens to life as usual on Mount Desert Island, Maine: a home to care for, a garden to tend, and children to raise.

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But by day's end, her world will be turned upside down. A baby harbor seal has been abandoned on the rocks. The tide is coming in, and the seal's mother is nowhere to be seen. The Lincolns must make a decision: step in and save the pup, or let nature take its course. Kathryn Hewitt; , ill. Kevin Hawkes : RL: ages Left alone for a week in their family's summer house on a Maine island, Allegra and her two sisters scrounge for food and search for the treasure supposedly hidden somewhere on the premises.

With the help of his grandfather and a kindly baker, an 8-year-old Thai boy begins to lose his shyness and starts speaking English. Story set in Portland, Maine. Twelve-year-old Catherine has a brother with autism, and because he loves rules, she tries to break the world down into statements and rules - some funny and some poignant -- about how people behave to help him understand, and stop embarrassing her!

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Won the Newbery Honor award. LOVE, Pamela A Loon Alone : Separated from his parents while swimming on a lake in the Maine woods, a loon chick must experience life's hard realities as he confronts a moose, a raccoon, and an otter. Part life lesson, part nature guide.

When Sarah's father, a lighthouse keeper, is transferred to a station on a barren island offshore, her mother misses her mainland garden; Sarah plants seeds in the crevices and cracks of the rock ledge, which bloom to her mother's delight and that of local fishermen. Julie and her family spent many happy vacations in Maine. Now they are living there permanently, and Julie finds she is living with the ghost of her beloved father, a ghost she has built out of love and guilt. The wild geese, an old neighbor and a boy with a dog help her back from the brink of madness. Mysterious paintings in a cave near her grandmother's inn on the Maine coast and an unusual cat that her younger brothers want to adopt lead twelve-year-old Evie to face her suppressed memories of her mother's death and her father's breakdown six years before.

Kristy and the other three BSC members have to take care of six kids for ten days in one of the most spooky houses they've ever seen. Set in fictional seaside town of Reese, Maine. Mae breaks her leg and is taken to the hospital so her leg can be put in a cast. Susan Gaber : RL: ages Long ago, two sisters in Maine owned a remarkable gray horse named Prince, who became a legend in their family.

After her dog dies in a barn fire, Sarah is beset by nightmares. Her parents send her to visit her grandmother, an herbalist with remedies for many ailments. Grandmother Bryant gives Sarah a 'pocket' -- a cloth bag worn at the waist -- stuffed with healing herbs and embroidered with the words 'Fear Not. Time of Wonder : RL: ages Follows the activities of two children spending their summer vacation on an island off the coast of Maine.

One Morning in Maine : RL: ages It's a big day for a little girl when she discovers her first loose tooth and makes a trip to the grocery store on the mainland. MEAD, Alice Crossing the Starlight Bridge : RL: ages Rayanne's life turns upside down when her father leaves and she has to move off the Penobscot reservation and go to live with her grandmother.

Walking the Edge : RL: ages To escape the realities of his near poverty and his abusive, drunken, drug-smuggling father, year-old Scott Easton throws himself into a 4-H science project raising clams to restock the bay of his coastal Maine village. Soldier Mom : RL: ages When her single-parent mother is called up from the army reserves to go to Saudi Arabia for the opening phase of the Persian Gulf War, seventh-grader Jasmyn must adjust to a newly chaotic life in her small Maine seacoast town.

Mead paints an entirely convincing and involving picture of a realistically prickly heroine as she balances worry about her mom with resentment at being left behind. Bulldozer ; ill. Edwin Schmidt : RL: Young adult When Bill Crane, just out of high school, reconditioned an abandoned bulldozer, things began to hum in the Maine community where he lived.

The fascination of modern machinery is combined with plenty of action and fine characterization in this absorbing tale. Second volume in the Ordinary Basil series. Fantasy mixed with fairy lore. Joshua Tolford : RL: Juvenile A vivid story of real boys in a Maine seacoast village, with an exciting background of rocky coasts, clanging buoy bells, and treacherous fogs. Blanche of the Blueberry Barrens ; ill.

Arline K. Thomson : RL: Young adult Story of a young girl who goes to Maine every summer with her family to pick blueberries. The Mystery of the Pilgrim Trading Post , illus. Twins Will and Lettie Dennis spend a summer with their cousin and aunt at their home in Maine and solve a mystery.

Illustrated by Mimi Gregoire Carpenter. They challenge both nature and the 'little foxes' of a region fully capable of guile. MURPHY, Catherine Frey Songs in the Silence : RL: ages Having found a mental link with the two whales that have entered the harbor of her Maine island, eleven-year-old Hallie hopes both to save them and to use their healing power to help her hospitalized younger brother. The Pigeon Pair : RL: Young adult An eighteen-year-old girl's account of nine important years of growing up on the back road camp outside a small fishing village in Maine, from her first recognition and shame of their poverty, to the loss of her mother, the struggle to remain a family, and the hope shared with her twin brother to regain their old family home.

When her father's return to a Maine lighthouse is delayed by a severe storm, Miranda must keep the light going despite brutal weather and her own illness. Innocent Distraction : RL: Young Adult After Meagan Clark's family moves from sunny California to the back woods of Maine, her life changes forever when, as punishment for cheating, she is forced to read to a boy in a coma. The author was born and raised in Lewiston. Storm Treasure ; ill. Boarding school classmates Christie, Maggie and Vicky are spending their summer vacation at Maine's Blue Heron Inn, owned by Maggie's parents, when strange things start happening -- all designed to frighten the guests.

The girls suspect sabotage and get on the case to catch the culprit before the inn is put out of business. PARNALL, Peter Winter Barn : RL: ages A dilapidated old barn shelters a wide variety of animals, including snakes, porcupines, cats, and a skunk, during the sub-zero winter temperature of Maine, while they wait for the first signs of spring.

Set in Maine. PECK, Sylvia Seal Child : RL: ages While entranced by the seals that swim off the shore of the Maine island she visits during holidays, sixth grader Molly befriends an interesting girl her age who seems different from other humans. Two years later the ship's captain returns, wanting his dog, but the dog chooses Sarah.

Based on a true story. Emily Harris. Nathan, a young black crewmember on a coastal schooner, forms a friendship with a Newfoundland dog named Sirius. When Nathan's schooner is wrecked near Maine's Boon Island Light, the dog's bravery and loyalty are put to the test. Jennifer Briggs : RL: ages The magical fable of the fairy houses that have been marveled at for years. Based on the past practice of building fairy houses out of twigs, bark, and acorns in the woods on Monhegan Island. It is now discouraged due to ecological concerns.

About 10 pp. Mary Beth Owens. Pottle, the dump man of Shiretown, Maine has only one rule: No throwing books away. He joins the local children to rescue and recycle those found in the trash. The Gazebo ; ill. Mary Beth Owens : Beginning and ending set in Maine, s. A little girl becomes intrigued with gazebos when she finds an old book about them in her father's library; through the book, she travels the world, enchanted by miniature buildings in far-away lands. In the summer, she plays in the gazebo her parents built adjacent to their seacoast cottage in Maine. When she grows up, she actually travels the world, as an ambassador, and she builds her own gazebo in Maine.

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Maine Marmalade ; ill. What is the mystery that surrounds her death? And will it cost Marnie and Peter their lives? Only Parent ; illus. A young girl looks ahead and makes a courageous choice Star Island Boy ; illus. The members of a hippie commune established on a nearby farm have a marked effect on the attitudes of a young Maine boy and his family. And then Vonna found herself in terrifying danger, asking herself if even Robby was worth the price she was being asked to pay.

Part of The Land of The Free series. Newbery Honor book. Maggie Smith : RL: ages A young girl describes her ferryboat ride as she travels to her summer island home. A Boy and a Deer : RL: ages A young boy living on a Maine island finds a motherless deer and decides to raise him as a pet. Big Britches : RL: ages After shooting a mother fox, a young boy finds her cub and decides to keep it despite his aunt's anger. Takes place in Maine. A Boy Called Plum ; ill.

Ted Lewin : RL: ages A lonely boy living on a small island steals a blue heron from its nest and decides to raise it. Robert MacLean : RL: ages On their first solo camping trip to Little Island off the coast of Maine, Harley and his younger brother are engulfed by a fire that starts on an oil slick in the water and moves onto the island. Someone is Following Pip Ramsey ; ill. Elizabeth Wolf : RL: ages At the start of his family's vacation on the coast of Maine, nine- year-old Pip Ramsey buys an old Russian nesting doll at a yard sale and is soon certain that someone is extremely interested in getting the doll from him.

Wendell Minor : RL: ages Hannah, Zachary, and Sarah Emily are spending the summer on Lonely Island off the coast of Maine, where they learn from a glittering, three-headed dragon with a kind heart, an unpredictable temper, and a memory that spans 20, years. Old-fashioned tone. What seems a harmless enough trip to the family's ancestral home on Maine's Shag Island turns into something much more dangerous for year-old Kim, as she finds her great-grandfather controlled by Chinese music from his past. Pam DeVito : Takes place on Maine island. Tunnel Beneath the Sea ; illus.

Facing danger and death, they uncover a mystery and save their father's career. Lucinda is almost grown up. Her family had to go to Maine to spend a year in the summer cottage which was all that was left to them after her father died. Maggie Rose -- Her Birthday Christmas , illus. Daddles, the Story of a Plain Hound-Dog ; ill.

Robert Frankenberg : RL: ages Daddles, a joyful hunting dog, is the seasonal pet of a brother and sister who spend their summers in Maine. Port Clyde, Maine. Then he makes friends with a smart, lively young [African-American] teen, Lizzie Griffin, living in a small, impoverished community founded by former slaves on nearby Malaga Island.

When the town elders drive Lizzie's people off the island, Turner stands up for them, but he can do nothing. Lizzie eventually dies in an insane asylum" Booklist review. Eleven-year-old Ben accompanies his Uncle Horace on a trip upriver and has an adventure. Black-and-white illustrations by the author. SHEPARD, Steven Fogbound : RL: ages When twelve-year-old Jason rows his boat to the Maine island where he has accidentally left his father's knife, he must face threatening fog, treacherous currents, and a sinister lobsterman.

Romantic tale takes place at the end of the 19th century, based on the life of an itinerant English tinker, as recorded in the annals of Sullivan, Maine. Inevitable changes are altering the lives of the inhabitants of this seacoast town. Their orderly ways, set by nature, are disturbed by the arrival of the mysterious and solitary tinker. The Landon kids try to discover why dead sea mammals are washing up on the shores of Acadia National Park. Bindy, the family's foster child, knows who's responsible, but is afraid to tell.

The trip is full of things that make summer, and Maine, so special: building sand castles, picking blueberries, chasing fireflies, and more. A Summer For Always : RL: Young adult Spending her sixteenth summer on the beautiful Maine coast and enjoying the attentions of a local boy named Michael, Marty hides the truth about her mother's alcoholism from her new friend, a secret that nearly drives him away.

Although Matt is brave, he's not prepared for an attack by swarming bees, and he's astonished when he's rescued by an Indian chief and his grandson, Attean. As the boys come to know each other Attean learns to speak English while Matt becomes a skilled hunter.

Though many months have passed, there's no sign of Matt's family. Then Attean asks Matt to join the Beaver tribe and move north. Should Matt abandon his hopes of ever seeing his family again and move on to a new life? Mystery at Kittiwake Bay : RL: ages With help from her new friend Ryan, thirteen-year-old Cassie explores the mysteries surrounding a mansion in Maine that was once an Underground Railroad stop and is now a retirement home.

Other Knockabout tales had other settings, including the tropics. The Old Squire books are appropriate for young adults, although adults may also enjoy them. Charles G. Waugh and Eric-Jon Waugh : A collection of 36 tales that transcend time about six young children orphaned by the Civil War who come to live with their grandparents in rural Maine. These stories were originally published in the late s and early 's in the children's magazine The Youth's Companion.

Charles Waugh and Larry S. Glatz : Stories of life in rural Maine following the Civil War. Then she accepts a summer job at her uncle's hotel at St.

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Kethley, Maine, she cuts her hair and her whole life changes. Coming-of-age story. Stolz's 3rd novel. When a ship sinks off the coast of Maine, year-old Nora tries to help the survivors, which include an orphaned boy and an elephant. Eleven-year- old Ruth is the star shortstop in her small Maine town, and now a reporter is coming to interview her for Sports Illustrated magazine.

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But after she overhears her father comment that it's a shame that with her talent, she's a girl, she begins to doubt herself and wonder who she is. Her wish comes true with a vengeance when she falls in love with a boy she has been friends with for years. Her sheltered existence is shaken by a calamity that catapults her into the adult world and affects her so profoundly that she can no longer escape into her writing.

Author is Colby College alumna David Theriault : RL: ages During a winter vacation in Maine a snobbish Boston terrier learns how to get along with others and make friends. Set in colonial Maine. Robert MacLean : RL: ages Story of a young boy, Jeptha Brewster, who lives above a restaurant near Penobscot Bay, along the Maine coast, and about the people who move in next door including a boy his own age, John and the relationships that develop.

Tragedy and prejudice are overcome during the course of a summer. Other elements: father lost at sea; Indian servants; a chained cheetah. Bill Farnsworth : RL: ages Fictionalized account of an incident in the life of a fourteen-year- old girl who tends her family's lighthouse during a fierce storm on the coast of Maine in the winter of William A.

When an abused young black elephant named Ebony escapes into the Maine woods, Dilly must find the elephant and regain its trust. Red Blade and the Black Bear : RL: ages An Indian boy befriends an orphaned bear cub, and eventually the bond between them grows stronger as each has a chance to save the life of the other. Takes place in the Saco River Valley.

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Tree by Leaf : RL: Young adult Twelve-year-old Chlothilde struggles to accept her father's war disfigurement and opposes her mother's desire to sell Clothilde's land, a peninsula off the coast of Maine, to help pay family expenses. Set in A strong and memorable heroine narrates this compelling debut novel, which effectively evokes life in Wiscasset, Maine then part of Massachusetts. After the death of her young mother during a pox epidemic and the prolonged absence of her mariner father, year-old Abigail must work for young Widow Chase to earn room and board and to keep her four-year-old brother, Seth, from being sent to the orphanage.

Practical and observant Abbie ascertains Widow Chase's dire financial situation, notices that the woman is expecting a baby and schemes a plan using the widow's millinery talents to support and keep them all. Seaward Born : RL: ages Historical fiction. Begins in Charleston, then moves to Boston, and then the major character and plot shift to Wiscasset, Maine. Wintering Well : RL: ages Historical fiction. Story of a boy who loses a leg in a farm accident, set in 's Wiscasset Maine.

Finest Kind , historical fiction set in s Wiscasset, depicting a Boston family's assimilation into small town Maine life. The 5th book in the Meg Mystery series of 6 total. They stumble upon a mystery involving local women pretending to be witches in a cave up on a mountain. While her flighty single mother attends a six-week herb institute in Vermont, daughter Sage is sent to Maine to stay with two great-aunts whom she barely knows.

At first feeling abandoned and dismissed, the year-old eventually grows to love the seaside house, her great-aunts, and her new friends. Summer of the Seals ; ill. Mike Eagle : RL: ages A teenage boy and girl befriend an old hermit and attempt to discover who is shooting the seals along their stretch of Maine coast. A spider saves a pig from slaughter. Maggie's World series, Christian trilogy set in the northwoods of Maine in and featuring a high-spirited girl.

RL: ages 10 to 14 Maggie: Life at the Elms : After her mother remarries, twelve-year-old Maggie decides to go live with her grandfather in the woods of northern Maine. Maggie's Homecoming Maggie's Secret Longing : Seventeen-year-old Maggie asks God for guidance during her first year as teacher of a one-room school in rural Maine in The Hannah's Island series features mystery-solving by Christian homeschoolers in rural Maine.

RL: ages 8 to 12 A Hound for Hannah : Hannah Parmenter and her new dog, Hunter, live on an island in northern Maine where Hannah's family runs a small tourist lodge. Hannah and her older brother, Walt, are homeschooled. The Mystery of the Sunken Steamboat : Hannah learns a lesson about pride when she discovers a steamboat under the surface of Moosehead Lake that could bring her fame and riches.

The Mysterious Stranger : Hannah spots a light in the old abandoned Sampson place, the only other house on the island. The mystery she unravels is serious stuff. The Lesson of the Ancient Bones : When year-old Hannah accidentally stumbles upon what looks like a very old piece of Native American pottery, what she uncovers is an archaeological mystery that teaches her a life-changing lesson about the power of love and respect.

The Secret of the Old Well : The Parmenter family dog falls into a dry, abandoned well, and, as Hannah and her brother become involved in the rescue and then in their further exploration of the well and its adjoining tunnel, they learn more about their island home and discover some Ice Age fossils that have been buried beneath it. She decides to enter herself and her black stallion, Ebony, in the barrel-riding contest.

Much to Hannah's surprise, they win first prize and a chance at the national championship in Dallas, Texas. God teaches Hannah many things about herself during the trials that bring her to Dallas and back to Maine. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm : RL: ages The irrepressible year- old Rebecca Rowena Randall burst into the world of children's book characters, and her new life in Maine, at a time when storybook girls were gentle and proper.

She wins over her prim Aunt Miranda, the whole town, and thousands of readers everywhere with her energetic, indomitable spirit. Thus Lovelock demonstrates convincingly that, despite first appearances, the novels challenge as much as reinforce the pervading attitudes of their time. Written with a lightness of touch and enlivened by Ransome's own illustrations, Swallows, Amazons and Coots is both fresh and nostalgic. It will appeal to anyone who has enjoyed the world of Swallows and Amazons, and there is plenty here to challenge both the student and the Ransome enthusiast.

Lovelock is a lifelong Ransome fan and fellow amateur sailing enthusiast, and his book exudes companionable delight. In this charming but exacting study, Lovelock brings vividly alive the world of Swallows and Amazons and the intriguing character of its creator.

Here is a real 'spot in time' of English culture. Lovelock presents the first serious study of the whole oeuvre, an apparently lost world of the certainties of Empire and the patriarchal family. Julian Lovelock clearly has a deep affection and admiration for Ransome's writing, and places the books in a rich and complex context. This is an elegant and leisurely guide through the books in the company of an amiable and well-informed companion. Julian Lovelock restores Arthur Ransome to his rightful place on one of the peaks of children's fiction.

Perhaps even more importantly, he reminds us, by way of a plainly and grippingly told tale, of the pleasure to be had when, returning as an adult to books treasured in childhood, we are seized once again by Ransome's moral strength, his technical command whether of seafaring, copper-mining, birdlore or Arctic exploration, and the cordial power of his story-telling. But now we learn, thanks to this fascinating book, that there are more aspects and depths to the stories than we ever imagined.

In no way does this diminish them - on the contrary. By giving us a more profound understanding of the author, the adventures and exploits of his characters take on an extra depth and dimension. These are stories for children that no adult should miss. It was an incredible period in history that he lived through.

Almost like reading them all over again, and who needs an excuse to do that? Swallows, Amazons and Coots is published by Lutterworth Press and, as such, will be read by other academics, but it is for us Tars too - don't miss it! Overall, Swallows, Amazons and Coots provides an important addition to Ransome scholarship, filling a gap left by previous studies with discussion that is both comprehensive and penetrating.

A book to enjoy, argue with, and be inspired by. Today's Internet-savy reader is left in no doubt that Ransome is a shining light for our time. Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. This title is not in stock at the Booktopia Warehouse and needs to be ordered from our supplier. Click here to read more about delivery expectations. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed.

Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews "Lovelock's thesis - that Ransome's novels challenge as much as reinforce the prevailing attitudes of their time - is insightful. Arthur Ransome - The Makings of a Writer 2.

Hunting Season (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, Book 10): A suspenseful mystery of secrets and intrigue Hunting Season (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, Book 10): A suspenseful mystery of secrets and intrigue
Hunting Season (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, Book 10): A suspenseful mystery of secrets and intrigue Hunting Season (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, Book 10): A suspenseful mystery of secrets and intrigue
Hunting Season (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, Book 10): A suspenseful mystery of secrets and intrigue Hunting Season (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, Book 10): A suspenseful mystery of secrets and intrigue
Hunting Season (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, Book 10): A suspenseful mystery of secrets and intrigue Hunting Season (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, Book 10): A suspenseful mystery of secrets and intrigue
Hunting Season (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, Book 10): A suspenseful mystery of secrets and intrigue Hunting Season (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, Book 10): A suspenseful mystery of secrets and intrigue

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