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Why do we need heroes? What happens when a hero falls? A hero is someone who "we" determine to have demonstrated behaviors and decisions that are ethically and emotionally worthy of our awe. We see in them something we think is not in us. Given similar conditions, we "think" we might not make the same moves and decisions they do, so we place them in an elevated place in society or in our minds. Someone who inspires us by their example.

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Someone who moves us emotionally to connect with them at some level in order for us develop a connection with them. We may want to idolize them or place them in high personal regard. We may want to connect with them in a personal way by focusing on them to garner their strength or will-power.

We may also desire to possess them in order to gain hero status by way of a kindred association. So, what is it specifically that a hero does that creates awe in us?

Examples of Archetype in Literature

What makes us pick one over another? What is it about our hero that makes us stand-up and take note and then admire, adore or try to emulate them? In many cases, it is their accomplishments. We have been granted access to their triumphant consummations of acts and deeds which, we believe, are beyond our own capacities. For example, a great football player achieves astounding record breaking feats, and we immediately determine that they possess a greatness, that we bestowed upon them. They are a god.

They are superior in all ways due to the fact that they threw the ball further or ran faster than all before them. We develop awe and a form of respect for their accomplishments.

What Is a Hero

Their achievements become the new "super hero" standard to measure against. What about Princess Diane, the people's princess? The world adored her in her rise from a rather simple country girl to a world recognized and cherished symbol of goodness. We connected with her, no matter who we were, because she connected with us in an awe inspiring way.

Like a fairy tale, her journey to marry Prince Charles and become a Princess disclosed to us that it was indeed possible to live a fairy tale life. What did we garner from this example? That we connect with a hero because a hero connects with us. Even though they have done that which, we think, is beyond us, they connect with us. It would seem to be paradoxical, but for some reason, it is not. What else does a hero do to attain our admiration? Many times, they overcome a tragedy or survive a horrendous calamity. A sickness or a heinous accident that would have desolated the average person, seems to have intensified the heroes determination and intrepidity.

We gaze upon this person in absolute astonishment and want to reward them with our love and respect for their triumph over tragedy. Their actions tell us that is it possible to overcome whatever comes our way. They connect with us personally by surviving and thriving. Since the beginning of time many of our heroes were warriors who over-powered those who would try to harm or take from us the things that we cherished.

A strong defender of us as a society or culture gets hero status. Our great military soldiers who sacrifice everything to defend our borders, or cultures or our freedoms are indeed heroes to us. He or she places their very lives on the line in order that our way of life is protected from the influences or domination of others who wish to bring evil to us. Our armed forces are a classification of joint heroes.

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Hero Action Persons #2

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Got Lemons? Becoming Invictus October 8, Dylan Kuehl Dances for the Jacksons September 14, Celebrating Our Unique Abilities August 4, My Last Good Day April 28, Hugh Michael Jackman is an Australian actor, singer, multi-instrumentalist, dancer and producer. Jackman has won international recognition for his roles in major films, notably as superhero, period, and romance characters.

He is best known for his long-running role as Wolverine in the X-Men film Actor Blade. He grew up on the streets of the South Bronx in New York City, where he very early decided that dance and the theatre were to be his career. He attended Actor Rush Hour 2. At one point in time, Chris Tucker was the highest paid actor in Hollywood. After graduating from high school, Tucker made a change to move to Hollywood from Georgia to pursue a career in Actress The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Her parents, John Stewart and Jules Stewart , both work in film and television. Her mother is Soundtrack Taylor Swift: Bad Blood. In Swift was named Billboard's Woman of the Year. She also has been named the American Music Awards Actress Let Me In. She has four brothers, all older, including actor Trevor Duke-Moretz. Her ancestry is mostly German and English. Actor The Polar Express. He has been married to Meghan Trainor since December 22, His father is from a Northern Irish Protestant background, while his mother was born in South Africa, to a Jewish family from Lithuania, Actor The Mummy.

As his parents frequently moved, Brendan can claim Producer G. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Stephen Sommers was born on March 20, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Archetype Definition

Raised in St. Cloud, Minnesota, he attended St. John's University and the University of Seville in Spain. Afterward, Sommers spent the next four years performing as an actor in theater groups and managing rock bands throughout Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

IMDb More. Copy from this list Export Report this list. Sort by: List Order Date Added. Jackie Chan Actor Ngo si seoi Hong Kong's cheeky, lovable and best known film star, Jackie Chan endured many years of long, hard work and multiple injuries to establish international success after his start in Hong Kong's manic martial arts cinema industry. Jennifer Tilly Actress Bound An actress who always attracts audiences' attention, Jennifer Tilly is by turns funny, sexy, compassionate, compelling and often all at once. Demi Moore Actress G.

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Tom Hardy Actor Inception With his breakthrough performance as Eames in Christopher Nolan 's sci-fi thriller Inception , English actor Tom Hardy has been brought to the attention of mainstream audiences worldwide. Antonio Banderas Actor The Mask of Zorro Antonio Banderas, one of Spain's most famous faces, was a soccer player until breaking his foot at the age of fourteen; he is now an international film star known for playing Zorro in the eponymous film series.

Richard Roxburgh Actor Moulin Rouge!

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    Hero Action Persons #2 Hero Action Persons #2
    Hero Action Persons #2 Hero Action Persons #2
    Hero Action Persons #2 Hero Action Persons #2
    Hero Action Persons #2 Hero Action Persons #2
    Hero Action Persons #2 Hero Action Persons #2
    Hero Action Persons #2 Hero Action Persons #2
    Hero Action Persons #2 Hero Action Persons #2

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