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As each of us begin to live in the joy of heaven, the freedom of heaven, the hope of heaven, the Kingdom of God can come into the world around us. We believe God is as happy as He is holy and wants us to know Him in a real way.

Deserter or Disciple? | My Utmost For His Highest

It is when we are in His presence that life makes sense and we experience fullness of joy Psalm In the Bible, when the Spirit of God touched ordinary people, they were filled with great power and were able to become all that God had intended for them to be. The same is still true for us today—His power and His love set us free to be who He made us to be and to glorify Him with our lives. As a church, we want to encounter God in everything we do, and we specifically set aside time for corporate gatherings, worship and prayer where we can know and enjoy the presence of God together.

It is in seeking to become more like Jesus with others that we truly experience transformation. The book of Acts describes the early church as a group of people who shared life together. They were always eating together, seeking God together and giving to anyone who had need. They were family. And what happened?

And before the revolution in Romania, a lawyer lost his professional status and had to do menial labor because he openly confessed Christ as his Savior. These three Christians chose to take the way of the cross. Jesus promises that when we serve Him, He will be there with us John ; cf. When we serve the Lord, not others or ourselves, we are never alone. The world says to put your material things or earthly life and self, first.

Oh, we will go to heaven, but the quality of our life there will be less than it could have been if we took Christ seriously. You see, the things we do now will prepare us for what we do in eternity. How I live on earth now will contribute to the quality of my life in heaven.

Heavenly Discipleship: Witnessing to the Indwelling Fullness of Christ in Every Believer

If I live for Christ now by His grace, death will not interrupt that lifestyle. It will continue in eternity without interruption. If I am a laborer on earth, an architect, a musician, a secretary, a farmer, a teacher, a scientist, a physician — however skilled I may be at any of these activities — none of these designations will survive the present age.

He experiences uninterrupted fellowship with God. His worldly lifestyle will not abide forever. But a dedicated lifestyle to Christ really has no ending. Absolutely not! And he took hold of his own clothes and tore them into two pieces. Both of these men humbly served the Lord and provided a great model for ministry. Solomon did not just worship their false gods, he also built worship centers for the people of Israel to worship the false gods of his foreign wives So Solomon died as an idolater Will King Solomon be in heaven even though he finished his life as an idolater?

Was Solomon even saved? Some believe Solomon was not a believer because they think all true believers persevere in faith to the end of their lives.

On earth as it is in Heaven, starting in you.

Others teach that Solomon was a believer, but he lost his salvation because he did not finish his life in fellowship with the Lord. But what does the Bible teach about this? First of all, the Bible tells us that Solomon was a child of God. Hence, Solomon is a believer in the coming Messiah because he is a child of God cf. John How can this be? Isaiah 53; Colossians Since Solomon was a believer in the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ, he had everlasting life which can never be lost John If it could be lost, it would not be everlasting.

He had passed from death into life and would not come into judgment for his sins because Christ was judged for his sins on the cross John ; 2 Corinthians ; I Peter He was secure forever. Therefore, king Solomon will be in heaven.

He or she either believes in Him or they do not believe in Him. When God appeared to Solomon a second time, He told Solomon if he would walk before God as his father David walked in integrity of heart and in uprightness, then God would establish the throne of his kingdom over Israel forever. God did not tell Solomon he would go to hell if he turned away from the Lord to serve other gods. But God did warn Solomon that the nation of Israel would lose the rights to their land which God had given them. We enter the kingdom of God by faith alone in Christ alone Matt.

Entrance into my house is free. But if you want to inherit or possess my house, you must pay for it. When you pay for it, then you are entitled to certain privileges or authority. When you inherit my house, you can decide how to arrange the furniture and what colors to paint on the walls. The same is true in the spiritual realm. You enter the kingdom of God through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. But you will not have all the privileges or authority that come with inheriting the kingdom. You must earn those privileges through faithful service to Jesus.

Encountering God

They will still be in the kingdom through believing in Christ alone for salvation John , 16 , but they will forfeit the privilege of ruling with Christ in His government administration. Like many Christians today, Solomon failed to see how living his life on earth would affect his eternal rewards in the future. Just because Christians have eternal life now which can never be lost cf.

John ; , does not mean they can live however they want on earth without facing any consequences. The New Testament emphasizes that the only condition for receiving eternal life is believing in Jesus Christ John , 18, 36; ; ; ; ; Acts.

Salvation is absolutely free of charge and is a one-time event. Peter, Andrew, James and John left their nets and followed Christ. This is a beautiful picture of discipleship when they left everything to have this intimate association with Jesus. When Matthew left, there was no coming back. Following Christ is another condition for discipleship.

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After Jesus and His disciples were rejected by a village of the Samaritans , Jesus clarifies the cost of discipleship in Luke In these verses we discover the meaning of following Christ as His disciple. Are you willing to endure these things in order to follow Christ? How much of your security is based upon the things you possess?

Would you be willing to give up a comfortable home and salary and live on less in order to follow Jesus Christ? But what is clear is that this man wanted Jesus to approve the postponement of his obedience for an indefinite period of time. Following Christ requires immediate obedience to Him. Are you willing to put Christ ahead of family obligations? Just as a farmer who does not concentrate on his work is unfit for farming, so a disciple who allows himself to be distracted from following Christ is unfit for His Kingdom work.

What are the biggest distractions in your life which keep you from being fully devoted to Christ? What will you do about this? For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. Many people are searching for the secret to success and it is right here in verse 8. Meditation is much like a cow that chews its cud. Cows chew on grass…swallow it… bring it back up and chew on it some more and then swallow it again to get the most nutrients from that food.

God wants our lifestyle to line up with His Word, not the other way around. Everyone wants to be successful.

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The world says success is having a big bank account, a big house, a big boat, a fancy car, and a big retirement plan. The church has bought into this mentality. The church may say you are not successful until you have a big building with a big budget and a big membership.

But what does God say? James For believers, these fiery trials can refine their faith I Pet. Are we giving non-Christians an appetite for Jesus by the way we think, speak, and act? In other words, pour on the salt by allowing Christ to be manifested in our daily lives. Page 1 Page 2 Next page.

Heavenly Discipleship Heavenly Discipleship
Heavenly Discipleship Heavenly Discipleship
Heavenly Discipleship Heavenly Discipleship
Heavenly Discipleship Heavenly Discipleship
Heavenly Discipleship Heavenly Discipleship

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