Calling the Shots (Long Shots)

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Medium Shot

Watch Paul Newman in this clip from the movie The Hustler and you'll understand the analogy with negotiation in business. After he calls and makes several shots in a row, he says, "This is my table, man. I own it," which is a very cocky way of saying that he believes that he is in control and is going to win. The article you cite cautions against trying too hard to please the customer.

If the customer calls the shots , then the customer is like Paul Newman in that film clip, and you are like the pool balls. When you add all , you get to be fully in charge , to make all the decisions. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 3 years, 4 months ago.

Active 3 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 5k times. May 27 '16 at Our lives are shaped from the books we read; therefore, the most valuable job to both publisher and author is their editor. Editor Susanne Lakin is a gifted wordsmith, coach, and mentor. As a small book publisher, we are grateful to Susanne for always completing projects ahead of schedule and under budget.

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It's free! Want a One-On-One Consultation? Get the professional feedback you need! Testimonials Susanne went above and beyond, making important plot suggestions and pointing out holes in the story, along with providing an excellent job of line editing and proofreading. Lawrence, author Syncing Forward.

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Editing is the best form of book promotion an author has at his disposal. In many ways, a book is only as good as its editor and is frequently the medium that distinguishes professional writers from amateurs. My sincere thanks and appreciation to Ms.

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Lakin for her professional polish that makes my book shine. Susanne Lakin performed CPR on my novella and brought it back to life with incredible skill. Worth every penny! Thanks, Susanne! Susanne is a concise, dynamic, and artistic writer. Her dedication, care, and attention to detail pushed me to revisit my work with new insight. My success is due to Susanne, and I am forever grateful and blessed to know her. Susanne Lakin has both the heart and skills that make her an exceptional editor and coach. I was dead in the water with my manuscript—unsure where to find the help I needed to move forward—until I discovered Susanne.

Rod Smith, author Holy Libido. Betsy Cheung, author Susanne is an amazing editor. She worked with patience and skills to improve my manuscript to perfection.

You Call The Shots

She is also a great motivator with encouraging reminders, and kept urging me with ambiguous sentences until I got them right. Now my book shines thanks to her expertise. Shooting Basics. Basic Basics. Types of Shots Basic Shots. Framing a Shot Composition rule of thirds. Panning and Zooming. Shot Name. One person as the subject.

Scenery or more than one person.

An Extreme Long Shot is generally taken from a great distance away from human subjects. Quite often these are landscape shots or shots that give a view of a whole world, a city, a town, or even a galaxy as in Star Wars where the story is set. A Long Shot includes the full human figure and often provides a clear view of the environment or setting in which we find a character.

Also known as a Wide shot, it is one that encompasses the entire scene. This is sometimes called an Establishing shot; used to orient the audience as to where we are, what the weather is like, what time of the day it is, etc. MS of the building and of two people. With people it shows interaction between characters, including dialogue. Medium shots are also used to show movement, for instance when two characters are having a conversation while walking down a corridor.

MCU of an object based on full size of the object. A CU can also be used to focus on an object as a way of highlighting the importance of that object in the story.

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Someone might be in the window? XCU shots of objects are to add impact to a scene. Use them to build suspense or to hightlight an important fact. Rule of Thirds : Still Object. Rule of Thirds : Person. This image of the person is incorrectly framed. The girl is centered in the picture. This image of the girl uses the Rule of Thirds, moving the girl to the right.

Don't center people unless you need to such as in a news broadcast. No Headroom: The person may seem to be glued to the top of the screen! Too Much Headroom: The person may look like they are sinking in the frame! Proper Headroom: The person has adequate space above the head.

Calling the Shots (Long Shots) Calling the Shots (Long Shots)
Calling the Shots (Long Shots) Calling the Shots (Long Shots)
Calling the Shots (Long Shots) Calling the Shots (Long Shots)
Calling the Shots (Long Shots) Calling the Shots (Long Shots)
Calling the Shots (Long Shots) Calling the Shots (Long Shots)

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