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With an un-cursed prince and king back on the throne, Sevana goes back to her usual routine without worry.

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But her peaceful days don't last for long. A hunter from a small northern village comes to her, pleading for help Sevana's peaceful routine is abruptly destroyed when a Sa Kao army invades Nopper's Woods, fully intending to declare war on the Fae that live there. Princess Amas of Sa Kao has gone missing, disappearing so completely that At her nod, he continued, "It will explode soon. The pressure is rising quickly and there's little that we can do to The Empire of Sol is satisfied that the new Warlords of Khobunter intend to be good neighbors.

The problem is, neither Becca nor Trev'nor can rightfully claim to be warlords over all of Khobunter. They still have two pesky Earth Mage Rhebentrev'noren never expected to be warlord of anywhere, much less Khobunter. For that matter, he never expected to receive orders directly from a Gardener, which is an experience and a half all by itself. Freezing mid-step, I stared in disbelief. There, standing very calmly in front of me, was a Gardener. Copying what I'd seen Garth do, I slowly sank to one knee and held out a hand.

See a Problem?

Weather Mage Riicbeccaan has a plan. As plans go, this is a pretty good one. Officially, she needs to go into the Khobunter-Libendorf area to figure out what is messing with her weather patterns. Unofficially, since they are Xiaolang rarely hesitates in his speech. There was a time when magic was welcome in the country of Chahir, but that was nearly two centuries ago. Now, all forms of magic are strictly forbidden. Anyone caught using magic, or possessing magical abilities, are Once upon a time, there was a dragon Take one newly trained Fire Mage.

Make him the first sane Fire Mage that's been born in the past two hundred years. Have him leave home and venture into the Empire of Sol. Add one This is the final book of the Advent Mage Cycle. Here is the conclusion to Garth's amazing story. He had known this day would come. No man could escape the entire might of the Sovran forever. He just found it humorous that it was an enemy of the Sovran that had caught him instead. Bound, kneeling before a queen whom he It takes more than wizards and kings to mold a kingdom I think it be time we press matters. That be a sound notion. Captain Arystair Savar has seen more of war in his seventeen years than most retired officers.

He has been defending his home colony from the Nova Federation ever since he graduated from the Army Academy at 14 years old Well, I admit that be an offer a man does no' get every day. What say ye, daughter? I say this fits the bill. Jewel Jomadd is not a likely heroine for any tale.

The Dragon's Mage

She's not a warrior, has no magical abilities, and the only weapon she has is her sharp tongue. To make matters worse, she's blind. Hardly the qualifications for the leading And while she may be a child prodigy, she is only Then just hop into the water and get your feet wet and get busy! There are also two moonwells in Felwood. They can be used even though they're corrupted, but there are lots of enemies around them so you'll have to fight your way through. There's another moonwell in Auberdine too that the daring Hordie can use; just kill the guards - and any meddling Alliance members - and claim your prize afterwards.

If you're high enough level, the other easiest-to-reach well for Horders is in Cenarion Outpost in Silithus. There are no moonwells on the eastern continents, by the way. Comment by tilgare Nice and convenient for druids: teleport to Moonglade before you log and hearth back to inn. I find this helpful seeing as you don't even need to go looking for a moonwell or worry about getting attacked.

Comment by oellawappa Mooncloth is probably my favorite way of making money on the AH since all that is needed is two pieces of felcloth, easily grinded, or bought for a cheap price off of the AH. The only down fall is the 4 day cool down. Of course, if you just do this on a regular basis and sell it for a good amount you get instant cash. If you have the talent, why not right?

Comment by kazalfarah There is also a moonwell in Cenarion Hold now. Comment by yfpjkjhd I was wrong in saying there were no moonwells on the eastern continent; I didn't think of the one in Stormwind because A: as mentioned it doesn't look like a moonwell, B: I never go to that part of town : and C: you can't realistically get there as a hordie anyway to make your cloth, so I just didn't consider Stormwind at all. It's smackdab in the middle of Darkshire, inside the valley ringed in by mountains.

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Of course, if the big nasty green dragon is spawned and wandering around out in the open you can just forget making any cloth there anyway, unless it's possible to stealth past him as druid or rogue or possibly invisible mage while the dragon is looking the other way Comment by Mikezila Isn't there a Moonwell in the Ghoastlands?

Theres a camp of Night Elves that has a Moonwell-looking thing in the middle of it, but I don't know if it functions as an actual Moonwell or not. Comment by redfenix It's 13, 27, and the island is in the northwest. Follow the path leading north from the main road at 47, Comment by Thottbot You can make 1 mooncloth every 4 days.

Comment by Thottbot The one in ashenvale is around 60, Comment by Thottbot 53, Comment by Thottbot Both coordinates are correct. Comment by Thottbot The easiest moonwell to get to for Horde players in is Ashenvale. Go west from Splintertree post and cross the first bridge, take the first path to the left. That path leads right to the moonwell at 60, There are only level 26 critters in the area :. Comment by Thottbot It's right by the Taurens, so you can't miss it. I'm on the horde side warlock so I usually go to Felwood to the Ruins of Constellas and use the tainted moonwell.

While I'm moving towards the well, I kill the satyrs and I can usually pick up one piece of felcloth in addition to demonic runes as well. Comment by Thottbot There is a moonwell in the middle of the park in Stormwind. There is no blue light coming out of it like in the others but it works just the same. Comment by Thottbot There's also a moonwell in the Cenarion Circle area. Need 2 to make one Mooncloth, so that's 6g.

While one Mooncloth is selling for g buyout, so while it's still nearly double your money, you gotta consider the 4-day cooldown into your cost, so its not as much of a money-maker as it has been. Better to farm for your own Felcloth and save it than buy it in the AH now. Just kill demons in Felwood for a couple hours and you'll have enough Felcloth to last for a couple weeks' worth of Mooncloth, then its all profit, plus you always get a chance of other good drops, and cash while killing the demons.

Comment by Thottbot lol, you can in fact level tailoring from just using the mooncloth transmute. I only missed the sklllup twice.

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Comment by Thottbot There are four moonwells that I know of 1. In Ashenvale 2. Outside of Dire Maul easy to sneak by guards 3. In Moonglade 4.

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Comment by Thottbot 1. In the Park distric inside SW Alliance only 6. In the Moon temple in Darnassus, the pool with the Elven Godess is a moonwell. Alliance only.

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Comment by Thottbot 7. Comment by Thottbot Since none of the coords matched up and made this place a pain to find, I shall endeavor to paint a picture with words: Look at the river which runs just to the side of Splintertree and follow it south. The moonwell is just west of the river.

I realize that was not the clearest of descriptions, but hopefully it will get you looking in the right place. Comment by Thottbot The best moonwell to get to for the horde anyways is in Ashenvale it's easy to get to and you don't have to sneak up to it or anythng and the cords are 59, Comment by Thottbot Seeing as how mooncloth has lost its lustre with BC, they should reduce the cooldown like they did with the arcanite transmute. How about a 2 day cooldown instead of the blasted 4? Comment by Allakhazam Where is the Moonwell so i can make the mooncloth from the felcloth?

Comment by Allakhazam a lot of folks think mooncloth is useless now because of the advent of netherweave bags in the expansion, but I disagree Comment by Allakhazam So many people make it to difficult to understand how to get to the moonwell near Raynewood Retreat, so allow me to try to simplify it. From Splintertree Post, travel west on the main road. You will cross the Falfarren River and continue following the road west until you reach the spot on the map where Silverwind Refuge is directly south of you from the road if you don't have this on your map yet, head to the middle of Ashenvale and go south to discover this region.

Advent Mage Compendium (Advent Mage Cycle Book 5) Advent Mage Compendium (Advent Mage Cycle Book 5)
Advent Mage Compendium (Advent Mage Cycle Book 5) Advent Mage Compendium (Advent Mage Cycle Book 5)
Advent Mage Compendium (Advent Mage Cycle Book 5) Advent Mage Compendium (Advent Mage Cycle Book 5)
Advent Mage Compendium (Advent Mage Cycle Book 5) Advent Mage Compendium (Advent Mage Cycle Book 5)
Advent Mage Compendium (Advent Mage Cycle Book 5) Advent Mage Compendium (Advent Mage Cycle Book 5)
Advent Mage Compendium (Advent Mage Cycle Book 5) Advent Mage Compendium (Advent Mage Cycle Book 5)
Advent Mage Compendium (Advent Mage Cycle Book 5) Advent Mage Compendium (Advent Mage Cycle Book 5)

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