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More DIY Christmas gifts

This Christmas, inspired by the catwalks, Crossley will be tying up her napkins with enormous velvet ribbons. But in the past, she has made her own napkin rings. Rosemary twigs can also be used to make napkin rings and candle collars , says Liz Earle lizearlewellbeing. Earle also creates pine-cone table settings by painting cones with silver paint and using glitter glue to fix name cards into the cone scales. O ne can never have enough glowing candlelight at Christmas, according to Barnes, who suggests filling large glass jars or lanterns with cranberries or chestnuts and burying small candles or night-lights into them.

Grace Erskine, of Erskine Rose, pours her own scented candles into matt black glasses, which she then personalises with chalk pen. C rossley also makes her own candles at Christmas — in tea cups — dyeing them with wax crayons and scenting them with a few drops of essential oil. See willowcrossley. Barnes arranges clementines and apples in glass bowls and bell jars. H ouse plants are another quick and eye-catching decoration, adds Goad — poinsettias or bulbs such as paperwhites or tulips. A Christmas sitting room is not complete without some kind of gingerbread house.

Newman makes her own houses out of card and sends them to friends in small gift boxes — see diagram above right or make your own.

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Or, you could invest in a ready-made kit from Trunkaroo. For the past two years my children and I have enjoyed creating their Christmas box, which includes a flat-packed house ready to be painted and assembled, and accessories to make various tree decorations. For an edible version, biscuiteers. You can also put two sticks or differing colours together for a more substantial star.

Priestley arranges her stars around a garland of overlapping bunches of greenery bound with wire on to string. Family Keychain. Keep loved ones always on their mind with this family keychain. It starts by changing pictures from color to black and white, and then affixing them to a series of keychain tabs, one for each family member. Little Lamb Pillows.

These little lambs are cute as can be, and great to snuggle up to all winter long. They play into the Christmas theme as one of the animals that was present at the manger for the birth of Jesus. Lambs signify purity and meekness, and will add some character to their decor. Homemade Play Dough. These steps show you how to make as much of the dough as you want so that your child can make all sorts of creations, in lots of different colors.

Homemade Peppermint Scrub. Presentation is key here, so as long as you put it in a nice jar with some ribbon around it as shown, this is not only a thoughtful gift but also very useful. Upcycled Brown Grocery Bag Basket. These steps show you how to take ordinary brown paper grocery bags, the kind you probably have a stash of right now, and make a decorative basket that you can make to hold another gift, or to use as a gift itself.

Modern Beanbag Pouf. You then stuff the insides and you now have a pour suitable for an ottoman or a chair, and can even double as a coffee table. Sewing Kit in a Jar. This is a great gift for the seamstress in your life. Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeves. Make one side quaint and flowery, and the other side a little edgy and amped up. Holiday Shadow Box. Shadow boxes just look nice and are a definite crowd pleaser, so this is sure to be a hit no matter who you give it to.

If you like your DIY Christmas gifts to come out exactly how they look in the picture, this how-to gives you a link right to the exact materials that were used so you can replicate it spot on. Promenade Market Bag.

13 Homemade DIY Christmas Gifts – Easy Do-It-Yourself Holiday Ideas

Family Sign. This gives any family a feeling of officiality and almost serves as a family crest. You can mark the year they got married, or their first home. Jean Purse. This denim purse is made from jeans that are past their prime, but still have a lot of durability left in them. With a few enhancements it makes a pretty purse, one that can take beating and still look good, as well as being totally washable in case it gets messy. Homemade Bread and Jam Gift. This step-by-step shows you how to package a bread and jam gift in such a professional way it will look store bought.

It includes labels for both the bread and the jam, and presents them in such a way that they look like they were made to go together. Diy Mint Matcha Body Scrub. With just four ingredients, this body scrub will have amazing effects on your skin. Diy Hot Cocoa Stirrers. Is there anything better than drinking a delicious cup of cocoa in December, after a long day of Christmas shopping? Diy Abstract Painted Scarf. Everyone deserves at least one unique gift in their life, and this DIY abstract painted scarf is perfect.

Knowing that someone has taken the time to make it for you instead of picking one off the shelf will mean more to them than anything this year. Diy Texting Gloves. There is nothing worse than having frozen fingers in the winter, and not being able to text your friend to tell them where to meet you is frustrating.

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Diy iPad Holder. Diy Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub. Coconut oil is really good for our skin, we all know that by now. Diy Wooden Utensils. Knowing what to bring the hostess of your party is tricky, especially when you know she probably has everything anyway. Diy Lime Mint Foot Soak.

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Our feet deserve the best. They hold us up all day through work, play, and even the Christmas shopping. Made from natural ingredients, this will be the treat your feet deserve.

Diy Leather Hexagon Vanity Tray. Keep all of your hair grips, nail polish, and makeup in one place with this DIY leather tray. This tutorial even contains a template for you to print out and use. Instead, this blog post contains the perfect tutorial for you to learn how to arm knit a super cozy blanket for you to keep for yourself or to give as a gift. Diy Monogrammed Hand Towel. These DIY monogrammed hand towels would make a lovely gift for you to give to someone as a housewarming present.

Diy Embossed Hand Lettered Journal. Journals are amazing, you can use them for a number of things — making lists, jotting notes down, or maybe even creating a bullet journal. Diy Terrarium Kit. Terrariums are beautiful — they make a lovely addition to a desk or shelf. Scrabble Ornament. The beauty of this gift is that you can make is spell out whatever you want.

Popular holiday messages include Peace, Hope, Love, Joy, Snow, and Elf, but you can use your imagination, or the recipients name, or make a few ornaments that make up a bigger message.

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International Spices. Each spice mix is handmade, and there are recipes for each one. You then bottle them up with a bow and you have an instant gift. Vintage Photo Canvas. It only takes a handful of materials, and they show you the tricks to make them turn out like professional art. Bonsai Tree. A bonsai tree is a thoughtful gift for anyone that likes gardening, or is a fan of Japanese culture.

But did you know that you can make a bonsai tree quickly and easily as long as you have a plant available to use. You simply take a piece of that plant and make it so it will start to grow as a miniature bonsai. Homemade Gumdrops. Satisfy their sweet tooth with these homemade gumdrops. They come in all different colors but are all the same flavor, as you simply add a different food coloring in to get the different color. You can make as large an assortment of colors as you want. They even include the PDF for a cute Goodie Goodie bag tag so they end up saying goodie goodie gumdrops.

Jar Lid Picture Magnets. These magnets are made out of jar lids are custom built to hold your favorite family photos.

20 DIY Christmas Gifts Anyone Would Be Excited to Open

They show you how to decorate them up for use as a Christmas gift, so you can surprise them with something totally personalized, and something that is sure to adorn their refrigerator the for next year or longer. Candy Topiary. Cake in a Jar. This simple peppermint sugar scrub is begging to go in your next holiday basket. Watch the full tutorial here. Turn your fluff ball into a proper pup with a homemade bowtie this holiday. Gather some of your favorite winter blooms and get crafty with this DIY iPhone case. As quick to pull together as it is delicious, this rub makes for the perfect last-minute gift.

A perfect gift for the cook and cookie lover in your life, you can mix and match your favorite baking essentials to make this basket your own. Help your friends and family have the cutest medicine cabinet around with these crafty magnet stocking stuffers. Just a little glue and some colorful buttons can bring a favorite photo to life this holiday. Get the instructions or watch the full tutorial here. This seasonal gift idea is made with all of the fragrances that we love about the holidays — cinnamon, orange, and clove essential oil.

Simply mix sugar and coconut oil together, add your fragrance, and gift a cute, ribbon-tied jar to your hostess.

A Homemade Christmas A Homemade Christmas
A Homemade Christmas A Homemade Christmas
A Homemade Christmas A Homemade Christmas
A Homemade Christmas A Homemade Christmas
A Homemade Christmas A Homemade Christmas

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