20 Ways to Save Money Using Amazon.com

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Amazon Prime savings

Free two-day shipping Paying for shipping is so yesterday Perhaps one of Amazon Prime's most beloved perks is its free two-day shipping for more than 20 million Amazon items nationwide, except Alaska and Hawaii. This could be a major holiday crutch, particularly for last-minute shoppers. Certainly, there are exceptions to two-day delivery. Larger items, like a treadmill, might take longer but are still free to ship. A non-Prime Amazon shipment is calculated by the shipment and item.

Although it depends on your order, here's an example.


If you have an extensive holiday shopping list, having free and fast shipping as an Amazon Prime member might come in handy. Same day, even hourly shipping Let's say you forgot someone on your holiday gift-buying list and need to send a gift right away. Well, Amazon Prime also offers same-day free delivery to those who live in one of the 27 metro areas where the service is offered. Just look for the "Prime Free Same-Day" logo while you scroll through items to see what qualifies.

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If you order by the cutoff time, typically noon, you'll get your order by 9 p. And for some, Amazon Now might be helpful. This is a one- to two-hour delivery service on thousands of items, but it's only available in select cities.

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Streaming video When everyone in your home is off for the holidays, you'll need a good pastime. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you'll have free access to thousands of streaming television shows and movies.

New titles are added frequently. Amazon Prime also makes its own programming, such as the Golden Globe-winning comedy, "Transparent. The site found that Netflix, however, offered more high-definition titles than Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime Music If you're looking for some holiday jingles, or anything but holiday tunes, streaming music might be the way to go for you.

Although music lovers have plenty of music streaming options out there, you can also get a good variety of tunes through Amazon Prime Music. Prime members get access to more than a million songs, albums and customized playlists, free of advertisements. Just as with video streaming, the Prime Music catalog is consistently being updated and is available on any Amazon-compatible device. At this time, the selection doesn't exactly rival other popular subscriptions, such as Spotify, which claims to have more than 30 million songs.

Unlimited photo storage For the photo enthusiast, this feature could be quite valuable. By taking advantage of Amazon's cloud storage, Prime members can archive unlimited photos for free. If you take a lot of photos around the holidays, you'll have this option for storing them. Prime subscribers can upload photos from their Web browser or by using Amazon's free mobile app. Storage is secure, photo backups are automatic if you so choose , and users can access photos from anywhere. There's an additional bonus to this feature: Amazon Photo also comes with 5 GB of free space for non-photo files like videos.

External hard drives to store photos can cost the price of a Prime membership or more, so that might be something to consider if you're looking for storage options. Kindle Owners' Lending Library and Kindle First If you're looking to cozy up by the fire with a good read or two this holiday season, these two Kindle programs offer registered Amazon Prime readers fast and free access to books. How It Works: CamelCamelCamel is a price tracker that will email or tweet you when an item you want on Amazon goes down in price.

The website even has price history charts for most items, so you can see whether something has gone lower or higher over time.

Things To Remember: You don't have to register on CamelCamelCamel to track product prices, but signing up does give you email alerts and Amazon Wishlist access. You can also bring up a price drop list on the page of any Amazon item by installing CamelCamelCamel's add-ons for Chrome and Firefox. How It Works: Waiting day and night for something you bought online only to see it arrive broken is up there with papercuts and bad Wi-Fi as far as frustrations are concerned. But if something you bought from Amazon is broken, tell a customer service agent and they'll usually refund you the full price of the order or ship you new items without a return.

Things To Remember: If the broken item was sold by Amazon, you'll usually get a replacement order with upgraded next-day shipping to calm your worries. If the item came from a third-party seller, you'll get your money and your peace of mind back in two to three business days. Amazon also runs a Coupons page, which offers instant discounts on items like food and fitness gear. You can also save Gold Box items and Coupons to your Amazon account for easier access.

How It Works: If you have Amazon Prime, you've most likely fallen in love with its free two-day shipping that makes actual shopping seem like an ancient idea. Better yet, Amazon allows you to invite up to four family members to enjoy the fast shipping by going to the "Prime Central" page and clicking "Invite a household member.

What Is Amazon Prime?

Things To Remember: The family member accepting your Amazon Prime shipping benefits is required to know your birthday, but wouldn't it be embarrassing if your own family member didn't know your birthday? Also, note that you can't share access to Prime Instant Video or Prime Music , so your brother will have to get his Arrow or Daft Punk fix somewhere else. How It Works: Third-party Amazon sellers aren't required to charge sales tax, so you can sometimes avoid it. You can often see a ton of sellers that don't charge tax by clicking the highlighted "new" or "used" tabs on an item page.

20+ Genius Tricks to Save Money on Amazon (All Proven!)

Things To Remember: Not all third-party sellers will choose to hold the sales tax from you, so it's best to go over your cart before checking out. Things To Remember: International editions of U. If that happens to you, contact Amazon customer support, be nice, and you'll likely get a refund. Things To Remember: You need to provide a valid college email to sign up for Amazon Student, so don't try to use a four-year-old one.

The program is free for Amazon Prime members, but parents looking to snag some cheap Pampers can sign up for a day free trial that includes the discounts and two-day shipping. All you need is an email or full name. Things To Remember: In some cases, Amazon will even give you the shipping address of someone who has put up their wish list, allowing you to easily gift something to a friend without ruining the surprise. How It Works: For all the book lovers out there, Amazon offers a number of popular Kindle books at a heavy discount every day , including selections in romance, nonfiction, and even kids titles.

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If you have an Android phone, Amazon also offers a paid app for free each day , including games and productivity tools. You can also gift a daily discounted Kindle book to a friend. You choose how often you want items to be delivered, all with free shipping, and you can cancel at any time. Things To Remember: Items sold by Amazon will usually receive faster shipping if they haven't been processed, while Amazon creates replacement orders for ones that are shipped but delayed.

20 Ways to Save Money Using Amazon.com 20 Ways to Save Money Using Amazon.com
20 Ways to Save Money Using Amazon.com 20 Ways to Save Money Using Amazon.com
20 Ways to Save Money Using Amazon.com 20 Ways to Save Money Using Amazon.com
20 Ways to Save Money Using Amazon.com 20 Ways to Save Money Using Amazon.com
20 Ways to Save Money Using Amazon.com 20 Ways to Save Money Using Amazon.com
20 Ways to Save Money Using Amazon.com 20 Ways to Save Money Using Amazon.com
20 Ways to Save Money Using Amazon.com 20 Ways to Save Money Using Amazon.com

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